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The baby food diet is a portion-controlled way of eating that falls into the category of trend or fad diet. There is no official website because the diet started online and continues to move through various online communities and forums. The basis of the diet is eating small jars of baby food formulated for infants and toddlers. The nutrient content of these meals is not intended for adults and can leave the dieter lacking in essential calories, vitamins and nutrients.

List of Ingredients

Baby food eaten three meals a day.

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Star power is used to promote the baby food diet on the Internet. In order to stay thin, rumor has it that stars snack on jars of baby food to keep calories low and cravings at a minimum. The facts about the diet are minimal, at best, but some collective information can be drawn from online forums.

According to some dieters, there are two versions of the baby food diet. The first uses baby food solely as a snack during the day. Calories per jar tend to be very low and there are no preservatives in baby food, so the use of one small serving as a snack may be worth a try for someone who loves mashed and bland foods.

The other version of the diet can be described as more of an eating disorder than a diet. The baby food diet can be interpreted as a complete diet where only baby food is consumed throughout the day. With less than 100 calories in most baby food products, and some barely breaking the 50 calorie mark, the dieter would have to consume 12 jars or more to get enough calories to stop the body from kicking into starvation mode.

Baby food also tends to be high in sugar and mashed. The lack of texture and chewing can leave the dieter feeling as though they need to eat more. In addition, high sugar content can lead to blood glucose crashes and cravings for even more sweets shortly after eating.

Baby food diet costs are high because each jar will run the dieter around $1.00. Eating three to four jars a day adds up quickly to more than $120 a month.

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  • Pre-portioned snacks.
  • Baby food is free from chemicals.


  • Portion sizes are so small the dieter may feel very hunger on the baby food diet.
  • There are no set guidelines for eating.
  • When taken to the extreme, the body may enter starvation mode.


Eating healthy, well-balanced meals is part of losing weight. We tend to tell dieters to stay away from fad diets like the baby food diet because the result is often weight gain and hunger.

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