Balance Ball Fitness Abs Workout Review

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Balance Ball Fitness Abs Workout is a workout DVD that focuses on using a stability ball to strengthen your core and build better ab muscles. The 45 minute DVD was released in 1999. Though not a diet, we will take a closer look at how you can use this workout program to help you lose weight.

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Suzanne Deason is the fitness trainer who guides users through the workout. Over the course of the 45 minutes, participants learn how to use the stability ball in a number of ways to help strengthen their core, focus on their abs (even the troublesome lower ones) and hard to tone obliques. Users will start out slowly, and as the DVD progresses, the exercises will get harder. The slower approach means you will have to hold all the poses for longer periods of time, making the entire workout more effective. The progression from easy to more difficult will make it easier for you to adjust to the workout. The workout will require using the ball in a number of ways, such as: bouncing it, kneeling on it, lying on it on your stomach, lying on it on your back, and sitting on it.

The Balance Ball Fitness Abs Workout DVD is available for anywhere from $13 to $15 depending on the merchant. You will also need to purchase an exercise ball of your own, which typically costs less than $25. This product does not have a website of its own, but does not need one as it is marketed through several vendors websites, and in several retail stores nationwide. The store websites provide information about the workout DVD and what to expect.

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  • This product is available from a variety of merchants online.
  • This product allows you to workout from the comfort of your own home.


  • Simply purchasing this DVD will not be enough to see weight loss. You’ll have to use it multiple times a week to see results.
  • Using this workout all the time can easily cause boredom.
  • This program does not address diet or supplement use.
  • This program promotes the use of another, more expensive, product, known as the Flex Belt to increase weight loss efforts.


We always like things that promote healthy exercise, so we recommend you give this a shot. We do however recommend you take a clinically proven weight loss supplement, either as a fat burner or appetite suppressant. The use of the supplement should be followed only as directed and combined with proper diet. Your diet should be reduced calorie, balanced with plenty of fruits and vegetables, and increased water intake.

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