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What You Should Know

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New York-based Balanced Health Products has only one product right now, but the company claims that it’s a great way to work out your entire body.

StarCruncher is supposed to give consumers more flexibility, tighten the abdominal muscles, and give a solid workout to the whole body. It is also supposed to provide a solid cardiovascular workout. The company says that the product’s original designer was fitness and diet authority Nikki Haskell. There is little information about the company online, as Balanced Health Products seems to be relatively unknown overall.

List of Ingredients

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Product Features

One unit of the StarCruncher includes a vest, cuffs, two sets of four resistance cords, a video, exercise chart, a booklet and gym bag. The product costs about $250 plus shipping, and may be found on sale at different retailers sometimes. The company promotes the unit’s mobility, citing the lack of expensive or large equipment as being one of the product’s most desirable features.

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  • The company says that you can use the device anywhere you go – whether at home, on the road, or even in the office.
  • The company promotes StarCruncher as being fun.
  • Balanced Health Products says it can help you get a good overall workout, from improving your body’s strength to helping your heart.


  • StarCruncher is the only product that Balanced Health Products has in stock.
  • There is not much information available online about StarCruncher or Balanced Health Products. Consumers generally like to hear about a product from a friend or acquaintance before purchasing it themselves.
  • The product costs about $250 plus shipping. This is a lot of money, since many can get a similar workout at home for free simply by using some material from the library.
  • There is little information as to why StarCruncher is better than other work out products. Just because it’s mobile doesn’t mean it offers the best workout.
  • The product doesn’t come with a free gift.


The StarCruncher does seem like it may be an effective way to lose weight, improve strength, and offer a good cardio workout. However, there are a couple of lingering questions. At $250 a unit, is it worth the money? Does it place a high enough priority on discipline and diet? Why is StarCruncher the only product that Balanced Health Products has put out? How thorough is the booklet and video?

Many would advise that the consumer evaluate the cost and overall effectiveness of the StarCruncher, and try to find someone else who has taken advantage of the product. It may be hard to find reviews and feedback about the product, since there’s little information about it online.

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