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BalanceLog® is a software program that teaches people how to lose weight and care for their bodies. It is created by MicroLife®, which also created MedGem and BodyGem. BalanceLog® often comes with a scale to help you measure your day-by-day activity and progress. The scale has its own name: the Body Fat Analyzer Weight Scale, which measures body fat, percent water and body weight.

BalanceLog® is often perceived as a day-by-day companion and partner in your regular work out schedule.

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Product Features

When you purchase the product, you enter personal information like weight, height and both work out and diet habits. As you use the product day-by-day, you can choose from the thousands of food and 300 types of exercises that are in the program, and thereby record your routine.

BalanceLog® is often sold at about $75. MicroLife’s Web site doesn’t sell BalanceLog® directly. BalanceLog® then gives a day-by-day assessment about what the user’s strengths and weaknesses are, the ratio of the calories burned to calories eaten, and what you need to do to reach your specific goal.

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  • The software has a lot of different types of foods and workouts in its data file. Of course, since it is only a software, it can’t have an exhaustive list.
  • The software tracks your day-by-day activity, as long as you’re recording it.
  • It focuses on both weight loss and diet loss.


  • The client could figure out how to watch his or her diet without having to purchase this software. Either way, the consumer needs to spend some time watching his or her diet.
  • It’s hard to completely accurately record your weight and habits, especially if you forget to include something. Using the program could end up taking more work.
  • Many of the pointers that the software may give you may seem obvious.
  • BalanceLog® generally does not come with a free gift.


Proponents of BalanceLog® say that the software can give you a thorough day-by-day analysis of your workout, diet, and strengths and weaknesses. This may sound like a great benefit to someone who’s already looking forward to exercising, but not to someone who barely finds the time to work out, much less record what they eat. For some, it may be hard to keep up with the routine, and it could be frustrating during weeks in which the user is traveling or unable to enter data. However, the product has a lot more depth than a book, since BalanceLog® tailors it to meet the client’s individual needs.

Opponents will also argue that a computer or computer software is no substitute for a trainer, who knows your mental capability and psychology when working out.

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