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What You Should Know

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The Balanceuticals Group, Inc. is a part of Health King Enterprise, established in 1995. The company sells Chinese herbs (teas, vitamins and supplements, and other herbal products). You can find balanceuticals on several different websites (Chinese Herbs Direct, iHealth Tree, etc.) including the Health King website itself. Balanceuticals packages their products by a color code to help you find products to suit your needs. Green labels indicate products for long term benefits/general maintenance; Red-brown labels indicate products for specific use for specific health conditions; and blue labels fall somewhere between these two extreme categories.

List of Ingredients

Varies according to product.

Product Features

Balanceuticals feature Chinese herbal teas and supplements for many, many health concerns. Some of their products include supplements for healthy pregnancy, skin health, blood pressure, kidney and colon health, cholesterol, and vision care, to name a few. Balanceuticals come as vitamin-like supplements to be taken several times daily.

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  • In today’s society where all natural products are gaining importance, a supplement like balanceuticals may be worth checking into. They claim to have all of their products tested by the China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
  • Balanceuticals also claim to come with research reports (toxicity, pharmacology, and other reports).
  • You can purchase balanceuticals wholesale or retail from their website or by the jar from other websites (see What You Should Know).


  • Some consumers may be wary of products coming from China, considering problems in the past with lead paint, tainted formula, etc.
  • Balanceuticals are fairly expensive-the suggested retail for the fair skin product was $21.95 for 60 capsules (you are supposed to take 3-5 capsules 3 times daily). If you have trouble swallowing pills, you may have difficulty taking so many capsules so many times each day.
  • Any time you order products online, shipping will drive up the costs. Also, for food or nutritional products, there is the danger of the product being tampered with in transit.


All natural herbal products can be appealing for those who dislike chemicals and drugs. Balanceuticals products seem to have some interesting benefits and a wide spectrum of supplements to help with a variety of health issues. They claim to have their products checked by a prestigious source (China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine). Balanceuticals labels their products according to FDA specifications, but it is important to keep in mind that the FDA does not regulate herbs and herbal supplements. The effects of herbs and herbal supplements are not always documented, so users must exercise caution when using herbal supplements-they can be just as potent as FDA regulated drugs and chemicals. A trip to the local health food store may be just as well for you as ordering herbal supplements online.

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