Ballet Beautiful- Total Body Workout Review

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Ballet Beautiful: Total Body Workout is a workout DVD starring Mary Helen Bowers. This program uses the principles of ballet dancing to strengthen your entire body. If you are interested in using ballet to strengthen your body and lose weight, read this review to find out more about what you can expect from the program.

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Ballet Beautiful: Total Body Workout is designed for beginner and intermediate users, who want a total body workout. It is a 52 minute long workout video, where the entire video length is floor toning. Everything is broken down into segments. You will work your butt, your abs, inner and outer thighs, and your arms. You will get a Pilates style ab workout. Everything is moderately paced, but if you need to slow down, you can. The video features calming music, and there is a music only option. For those of you who enjoy the cuing, this cuing is simple, and one on one, so it is like the instructor is speaking directly to you. You’ll notice a lot of calorie burn with all of these moves. No additional equipment is required to fully participate in this video.

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  • Ballet Beautiful: Total Body Workout offers a full body workout.
  • This program does not require any additional equipment to participate.


  • Ballet Beautiful: Total Body Workout will not appeal to those who are not interested in ballet.
  • There are not many customer reviews for this product.
  • Doing the same workout over and over again every day can get boring.
  • If you want to lose weight, you will have to combine this approach with a healthy balanced diet.
  • Ballet may not be the best approach for those with balance issues.


Ballet Beautiful: Total Body Workout seems like it could be a good option for people who really enjoy ballet and want to use it as part of their routine to promote weight loss. It should not be the only workout in your weight loss arsenal, however, because it can get boring, and you should promote cardiovascular exercise as well as strength training workouts. In order for this to work for weight loss, it needs to be combined with a reduced calorie, nutritionally balanced diet. If you notice you are not getting the results you are looking for, you may want to consider using a clinically proven safe and effective appetite suppressant or fat buner to help you lose more weight compared to diet and exercise alone.

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