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The Bally Pilates Ball is an exercise ball that comes with resistance bands and an instructional workout DVD. This exercise product claims to work the mid-torso area. It also claims to make the core exercises seem fun and easy. Prices for the ball run between $12 and $40. Pilates and resistance exercises are strength training exercises-that is, the goal is to strengthen the musculoskeletal system and increase bone mass, but there aren’t aerobic benefits to this type of exercise.

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Product Features

The Bally Pilates Ball is about 3 pounds and comes with one pound sculpting weights that are attached to the ball. There are a variety of exercises you can do with the ball. It comes with a twenty-minute instructional DVD. There are many kinds of balls/resistance bands and several brands of pilates workouts-Bally is one of many.

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  • As with any home exercise equipment, you are more likely to do it if it’s at home than if you have to make a trip to the gym.
  • The Bally Pilates Ball comes with resistance bands-you can work out your upper body while sitting on the ball. It claims to cushion the body while you exercise.
  • The ball claims to work all the major muscle groups.


  • Since the Bally Pilates Ball comes with one pound resistance bands, so you are limited in the resistance that you can work up to.
  • While it is possible to find the ball online for a reasonable price, there is always the added cost of shipping.
  • When exercising specific areas of the body, users must keep in mind that it is impossible to lose weight entirely by spot work. In order to completely lose fat all over your body, you must engage in full body aerobic exercise.


Strength training and resistance work are great ways to strengthen and tone the body. Strength training can also build muscle mass. However, this type of exercise does not offer the cardiovascular benefits of aerobic exercise. In order to get the most benefit from your exercise plan, you will need a combination of both. The Bally Pilates Ball does offer the strength training benefits, but you will also have to invest in aerobic equipment to get the complete workout that your body needs. Also, if your goal is to lose weight all over your body, spot training specific areas of your body will never work on its own. In order to lose fat from your body, you will need full body aerobic workouts-then add resistance work to tone and build muscle. To lose weight, you’ll also need to examine your eating choices-also check out thermogenic (fat burning) products.

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