Bally Total Fitness Nitric Oxide Maximizer Review

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What You Should Know

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Bodybuilding supplements are designed to quick action on a muscular level. In order for the ingredients to reach muscles as quickly as possible, many bodybuilders take nitric oxide boosters. Bally Total Fitness Nitric Oxide Maximizer is designed to increase blood flow to the muscle so other supplements, protein and creatine makes it to the muscle faster. There is no benefit for the dieter trying to lose weight associated with this product. Dieters wanting to increase weight loss need to eat a healthy diet, increase exercise and take a proven weight loss supplement. Muscles will respond to exercise and fat burners will work effectively without being driven to the muscle by nitric oxide maximizers.

List of Ingredients

L-Arginine and L-Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate.

Product Features

L-Arginine supports vasodilation or dilation of blood vessels. With the blood vessels open and moving blood faster, the ingredients in other bodybuilding supplements can move to the muscle faster. This is very important for bodybuilders taking creatine and protein. Creatine hydrates the muscle and protein feeds the muscle to increase lean muscle mass and decrease recovery time.

Bally Total Fitness Nitric Oxide Maximizer is not designed for the dieter. This product will not increase weight loss or decrease body fat. As a standalone supplement, nitric oxide maximizers have no function. They must be taken with other supplements designed for increasing muscle mass. Even if the bodybuilder works out while taking this supplement, there is nothing to move to the muscle if no other supplements are taken. Many supplements designed for muscle growth will include L-Arginine as a nitric oxide booster for this purpose. Taking more L-arginine will not increase the effect.

L-arginine naturally occurs in foods like beef, poultry, seafood, dairy products and oatmeal. There is no reason for the dieter to take an L-arginine supplement as most dieters consume more than enough L-arginine from diet alone. More L-arginine does not make the amino acid work any better. The same can be said for bodybuilders. If a bodybuilder eats a healthy diet with plenty of lean L-arginine sources, the additional arginine provide in supplements is useless.

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  • May increase blood flow to the muscle.
  • All ingredients are listed online.
  • Does not have stimulant effects.
  • Time released to last longer.


  • Not designed for use by dieters trying to lose weight.
  • Does not increase metabolism.
  • Will not promote fat loss.
  • Does not improve the function of weight loss supplements.
  • Will not work for bodybuilders if taken alone.
  • Will not increase muscle mass.
  • Will not increase energy.


Nitric oxide boosters like Bally Total Fitness Nitric Oxide Maximizer are worth nothing unless they are taken with other bodybuilding supplements. Companies are quickly learning to add L-arginine and L-arginine ketoglutarate to protein shakes and other bodybuilding supplements so consumers do not have to purchase the standalone products.

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