Balsam Pear Fat Loss Review

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Balsam Pear Fat Loss claims to boost weight loss with three simply ingredients. None of the ingredients look like pear extract, so we are curious to look into the supplement more closely to see why the supplement is called Balsam Pear Fat Loss. Of the three ingredients listed – one is a laxative and the other has diuretic properties. We are not happy about these two ingredients and laxatives and diuretics are not safe for long-term use or weight loss. Laxatives can cause the bowel to grow lazy or cause extreme diarrhea, depending on the dieter.

List of Ingredients


  • Elaterin
  • Cassia Seed
  • Hawthorn Extract

Product Features

We expected to find Elaterin to be an extract of the Balsam pear, but that is not the case. Elaterin is the extract of the squirting cucumber and it is quite the strong laxative. According to one description, the laxative effect caused by Elaterin is similar to that of the saline laxatives used before colonoscopy procedures. Cassia seed is another laxative/diuretic, as if this supplement needed another laxative. Hawthorn is a diuretic that will cause increased water loss.

The three ingredients in Balsam Pear Fat Loss are not safe for daily intake. The laxative effect of Elaterin is strong enough, according to some reports, to cause cramping, diarrhea and stomach pain. We suggest skipping this supplement all together due to this ingredient alone.

Long-term use of laxative and diuretics can lead to a lazy bowel, electrolyte imbalance, frequent urination and, eventually, inability to control bowel movements.

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  • None.


  • Elaterin has strong laxative side effects.
  • Cassia seed in has laxative properties that may cause diarrhea and vitamin loss.
  • May have diuretic effects.
  • No proven weight loss ingredients in the Balsam Pear Fat Loss formula.
  • No thermogenic ingredients.
  • There is no pear in the formula.


Balsam Pear Fat Loss is not the ideal weight loss formula. If a dieter is looking for temporary relief from constipation there are plenty of supplements out there, but not diet supplements. This product should only be taken to relieve constipation, not to boost metabolism as any weight lost while taking this supplement is only short term and will return. Without an appetite suppressant or metabolism-boosting main ingredient – this cannot be called a weight loss supplement. There is also no Balsam Pear in the formula. There is squirting cucumber extract so maybe the company should have gone with the name Squirting Cucumber Fat Loss instead.

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