Bamboo Vinegar Detox Patches Review

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Bamboo vinegar detox patches are pads that you put on your feet (they recommend that you do it while sleeping). They instruct you to put them on your feet because according to accupunturists, places on your feet correspond to certain internal organs. This product also claims that bamboo vinegar has special detoxifying properties. It also claims to improve circulation and combat fatigue.

List of Ingredients

Several ingredients listed are bamboo vinegar, dextrin, chitosan, and powdered loquat leaves.

Product Features

As previously mentioned, these bamboo vinegar detox patches are designed to be put on the bottom of your feet while you sleep. They claim to detox your body and improve circulation, combat fatigue, and help with weight loss (some weight loss is a natural result of detoxification). The patches are sold on several different websites, but they are made in Japan.

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  • It is true that the body is exposed to toxins from a variety of sources, and it will benefit your overall health to practice some type of detoxification.
  • One advantage of a bamboo vinegar foot patch is that you don’t have to endure the taste or texture of most detox drink mixes.


  • While it is important to use some method of detox for your body, but this particular method is based on acupuncture. Acupuncture remains a controversial subject in today’s world of medicine and has not yet been proven to be effective.
  • The editorial review on this product claimed that it is all the rage in Japan-but some users may feel uncomfortable spending money and experimenting on fad medicine.
  • Bamboo vinegar detox patches are rather expensive-the list price was $39.99 for a box of 32 patches plus shipping and handling (though there was one site listing it for $12.95). Remember, you use two at a time so that’s only 16 uses. While several online sites sell the patches, they seem to only be manufactured by the same Japanese company.


Everyone should check into a detox product for cleansing the body of harmful toxins. However, bamboo vinegar detox patches may not be the source you want to use. Since they are based on acupuncture, a relatively unproven field, they may or may not be effective. Also, since they are described in several places as a fad or “the rage” it may be best to give them a little time to see if they work well for more people. If you are looking into detox products for weight loss, it can be a help to detoxify your body, but permanent and steady weight loss comes best through aerobic exercises and healthy eating choices. You might also look into thermogenic (fat burning) products to assist in your weight loss goals.

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