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The Banana Diet, also known as the Morning Banana Diet, was first popularized on a Japanese social network in 2008. Created by preventative medicine specialist Hitoshi Watanabe and his pharmacist wife, Sumiko, it reached the point where there was a shortage nationwide. We will take a closer look at the diet and the science behind it to determine if it is a viable weight loss solution for anyone who wants to shed a few pounds.

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The basic premise of this diet is that you should eat as many raw bananas as it takes to fill you up in the morning when you wake up, and drink a full glass of room temperature water. By doing this every day, you can eat whatever you want and still see weight loss. Though it sounds too good to be true, the Japanese have done extensive experimentation with the diet and have discovered that no matter what a person ate throughout the rest of the day, they were still able to lose weight.

The reason why this is thought to work is because bananas will not only boost the metabolism, but they will also improve metabolism. They also contain a starch that helps to create a feeling of fullness, while also blocking the body’s ability to absorb some of the carbs you eat. The reason the water needs to be room temperature, we’re not really sure, but it is thought that it works to reduce hunger and improve digestion.

People who follow this program are not advised to eat after 8 o’clock at night, as this could lead to digestive issues if you eat too soon before bed. If you feel incredibly hungry at this point in time, it is okay to have a small piece of fruit. The whole time you are on the diet, you should only be eating until you feel 80% full, and you should have no other liquids besides the room temperature water.

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  • Encourages increased water intake.


  • Cuts out all dairy.
  • May be hard for people to follow for extended periods of time because bananas can get old quick.
  • Bananas must only be eaten raw.
  • Does not recommend exercise.


Though it sounds good, the program will not likely produce any long term fat loss, which is the kind we need to see if we expect the weight not to come back. While you could try this for a few days to jump start another healthier, more balanced program, it should not become the main diet you follow because it is not balanced. We also recommend you use a fat burner or appetite suppressant to accelerate your efforts.

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