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Banitrim was developed by a nurse who found herself overweight without the resources needed to lose weight. The product website is a bit off professional and the bottle looks like could be a weight loss supplement that is packaged directly from the manufacturer with a new label but an old formula. The ingredient list will tell whether or not this nurse chose the right ingredients for Banitrim and if the claim of being stimulant free is truthful.

List of Ingredients

7-Keto, Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP), Cassia Nomame, Gymnema Sylvestere, 5-HTP, Evodiamine, Chromium.

Product Features

Just as we thought, doing a quick search for the complete ingredient list brought up some interesting results. This same ingredient list is used for Dr. Colas Weight Loss Formula. Most weight loss manufacturers will include an ingredient list as a PDF or picture file so the ingredients do not come up in an Internet search, so there could be many other supplements with the same ingredients as well.

What does the duplicate ingredient list mean? This means Banitrim could be a generic combination of ingredients used for weight loss sold by a company that will smack on a personalized label and ship out products for a fee. This theory can be tested by examining the sales and customer service page.

The sales page of Banitrim is non-functioning. The link leads to an eCommerce shopping cart website. The customer service page lists Kann Health Supplements, but that official website is a blog called Fat Warrior.

As if this information was not enough to nudge us away from using Banitrim, the ingredient list offers no zing and no clinical support. 7-Keto is supposed to be a safe alternative to DHEA that promotes weight loss by activating fat burning enzymes. ATP is already used by the body in the conversion and utilization of energy, but there is no clinical evidence more ATP makes the body burn more energy or fat. Cassia Nomame claims to block fat from being metabolized or broken down in the body. There is no such thing as a fat blocker.

Gymnema Sylvestere, or Gymnema Sylvestre, works within the body to regulate blood sugar levels. We prefer chromium for this effect because chromium is a proven ingredient with clinical studies to back up the claim. 5-HTP boosts serotonin and suppresses appetite according to the makers of Banitrim. These statements are not supported with medical research. The final ingredient is chromium and we love this glucose controlling herb.

A warning is listed on the bottom of the website that claims loose bowels could result from taking the supplement. Loose bowels or diarrhea could be the means of increased weight loss, not thermogenesis.

There is no price for Banitrim on the official website because the sales page does not work and we could find no other sellers for the supplement.

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  • All ingredients are listed.
  • Chromium is proven to increase weight loss.


  • The same ingredients are used in Dr. Cola’s Weight Loss Formula.
  • There is no active sales page for dieters to buy the supplement.
  • The contact us page leads to a Fat Warrior blog.


We would suggest dieters stay away from Banitrim because of the generalized ingredient list and lack of sales page.

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