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Bare Naturals is an all-natural supplement company providing skincare and weight loss supplements. On the website, dieters can select products by name or by category. Each of the products provides detailed information relating to the functionality as well as information about the ingredients. All of the products are available to purchase on the official website.

List of Ingredients


Supplement company featuring the following brands:

  • Lav Mav Organic Skincare
  • Cleansers
  • Toning Supplements
  • Hooray Organic Skincare
  • Superfood Supplements

Product Features

Bare Naturals is a supplement company focusing on all-natural beauty aids and weight loss supplements. The company sells skincare products, makeup as well as weight loss supplements with superfoods. The inclusion of superfoods in the weight loss supplements is great, if the ingredients were proven to ignite weight loss. There is only one ingredient listed in the supplement, Spirulina. This ingredient is not known or proven to cause weight loss. In fact, Spirulina is commonly found in everyday food items.

The lack of scientific evidence or clinical trials is concerning. In order to set a company apart from the rest of the industry, a company should include information relating to the effectiveness of the supplement. Simply stating a product works is not sufficient. Dieters deserve some form of guarantee. There are no clinical trials or scientific research associated with the supplement.

An additional concern relates to the price. On the official website, the weight loss supplements retail for more than $45. This is expensive compared to similar product with proven weight loss ingredients. The average dieter will not be willing to invest in a supplement this expensive with no guarantee of effectiveness.

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  • Dieters can review the ingredient list on the official website.
  • The supplements are available n the website.
  • The products are backed by a 100% money back guarantee.


  • There are no guarantees of weight loss.
  • The weight loss supplements do not contain proven weight loss ingredients.
  • There are no clinical studies of scientific research associated with the supplements.
  • The supplements are expensive.


Bare Naturals is heading in the right direction as it relates to all natural products and supplements. The line addresses skincare and weight loss. The main concern relating to the product line is the exclusion of proven weight loss ingredients. Proven weight loss ingredients add to the validity of the company. The superfood supplement only contains one ingredient, Spirulina, an ingredient found in a wide variety of foods. The diet industry is a multi-billion dollar industry and as of right now, Bare Naturals does not offer products to set itself apart from the rest of the companies.

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