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Barry’s Bootcamp is a Los Angeles based fitness program that claims to help people, including celebrities, reach their weight loss goals. Locations are available in West Hollywood, Sherman Oaks and San Diego. There are no local clubs offering Barry’s Bootcamp outside of these three locations that we could find. Classes can be purchased online and range in price from $55 for three classes to $600 for a 20 class series. DVDs, apparel and workout equipment are sold on the official website.

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Workout series for fitness.

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The team behind Barry’s Bootcamp includes seven people who run the day to day operations, including the founder of the company Barry Jay. Today, the three locations are in the process of trying to expand throughout the United States and abroad. The idea behind Barry’s Bootcamp is simple – combine bootcamp style exercises with popular club music and push participants to their limits in a fun way. Though the concept may be unique, there are so few locations that many dieters will never be close to a Barry’s Bootcamp to try out the program.

All workouts are completed on a weekly schedule. Monday is arms and abs. Tuesday is legs and butt. Wednesday is chest and abs. Thursday is shoulders and back. And Friday, Saturday and Sunday are full-body workouts. Each day, new instructors are cycled through and each instructor has a different idea about how the body part of the day should be worked. Some choose to break up workouts with 30 minutes of cardio on the treadmill and 30 minutes with free weights. The next day, the instructor may break the hour into five minute sections and keep the class moving.

Unlike other class based programs, Barry’s Bootcamp is not an aerobic class. This class is held on the floor of the gym with an instructor guiding the entire process. All classes are one hour in length and the program is designed to be completed every day with no rest if desired.

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  • New concept to fitness.


  • No locations outside of California.
  • Each class is one hour – could be too long for some dieters.
  • If one instructor is preferred, class participants may have to wait several days to see the instructor again.


Barry’s Bootcamp looks like an interesting program for people who want an hour long workout with a personal trainer in a group setting. Some dieters feel this type of workout is a bit too personal, while others embrace the program as a way to push themselves. It is clear that Barry’s Bootcamp is trying to franchise to other locations outside of California, but until that happens only dieters in the local area will be able to sign up for classes.

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