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Basha Nut Slimming is not a slimming supplement. The ingredient list is packed with nothing more than a laxative and a fruit extract. There are other ingredients in the formula, but the company behind the supplement doesn’t even bother to add those ingredients to the label. There is no company name on the bottle, so we have no idea what company is even behind the supplement. The product description claims this is a weight loss supplement, but none of the ingredients support these claims.

There is no official website for Basha Nut Slimming. We found a website selling the supplement in bulk. The price for just one bottle is less than $20, but you can find supplements with the same active ingredients for less than $10.

List of Ingredients


  • Basha Fruit Extract
  • Lotus Leaf Extract
  • Cassia Seed
  • Etc.

Product Features

The ingredient list is nothing more than a laxative and some basha nut ingredient that is an unknown fruit extract from Brazil. We think this ingredient could be another ingredient, but we could not find another name for the nut or fruit. We did find mention that the ingredient has stimulating powers and it is supposed to aid in digestion, but there are no testimonials or clinical proof supporting this claim.

Cassia seed is known to have laxative effects. Laxatives should not be taken as weight loss supplements. They are commonly used to relieve occasional constipation, not help a dieter lose weight.

The ETC on the ingredient list is a complete mystery. We found other supplements with a similar name, but the ingredient list was completely different than this Basha Nut Slimming, so there could be more than one supplement out there with the same name.

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  • We found ingredients for more than one Basha Nut Slimming pill online.


  • The supplement contains unknown ingredients.
  • We have no idea what the proven effects of basha nut really are.
  • None of the ingredients have weight loss benefits.
  • There is a laxative in the formula and laxatives are not safe for use as a diet supplement.
  • The price of the supplement is different on multiple websites.
  • There is no company listed for the supplement.


Basha Slimming Nut is not a weight loss supplement at all. It is a dangerous laxative with unknown ingredients. The fact that we cannot find a complete list of ingredients simply means the dieter should skip this supplement and choose a product with a complete list of ingredients, testimonials and a company name behind the supplement that is trusted in the dieting community.

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4 User Reviews about Basha Nut Slimming

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    Hello I am from armenia. I advice to all of you never take that basha slimming capsules, it is so dangerous. i tried it and it was the cause of my many deases ex insomnia, headace and halutinations, so plesae do not believe to that folish advertisments.


  • 2
    Proven it works

    I have used it, it works no side effects! Didn’t make me to the bathroom. I drank more water, ate moderate. I lost 40lbs total over 1y and 1/2. Everything isn’t for everyone. But it worked for me. Have friends co workers that have lost weight that couldn’t play with their kids. It changed their life!!


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    My girlfriend used the product for 2 months and lost nearly 20 lbs. Additionally, she completely lost her cravings for sugary foods while on the product, and consistently felt satisfied eating less and less. Her headaches went away, as did her stomach aches, GERD, and insomnia. She was happier and healthier while taking the product. Also, her blood sugar levels improved. She did crave more water while on the product, but that is not a bad thing. She had no diarrhea, or stomach aches, cramps or bloating common with some laxatives. Overall, I would say she was healthier and happier on the product than off. It WORKED!!


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    It actually causes constipation…all the people I know who takes it claims the same. It has not worked great for me even though I had very little appetite and ate moderatly for a month. But others have lost up to 20 lbs in a month. I am a little turned off since I think this product is likely damaging internal organs; just a feeling!