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What You Should Know

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Bawls Mints is a product from the Bawls company that mimics the Bawls Guarana drinks the company has grown famous for. The official website is dedicated to the drink, but there is a brief mention of the mints on the company blog. We could not find the mints listed with a product page, which either means the product is too new or discontinued. The company could also have chosen not to market the mints at all and allow them to be promoted by outside companies. We found the Bawls Mints for sale online through various retailers.

Bawls Mints may look like your typical breath mint, but it contains caffeine. The caffeine content is tiny and there is little risk of overdosing on one container of mints. There are 75 mints in a container, which means the entire container supplies just 75 mg of caffeine.

List of Ingredients


  • Caffeine
  • Guarana

Product Features

Bawls drinks are a favorite of bartenders and energy drink connoisseurs who love the taste of guarana and the punch of caffeine. Bawls Mints have a similar taste and, according to the product description, the mint is actually carbonated like the drink. One can of Bawls drink contains about 100 mg of caffeine – so one can is similar to one tin of mints.

Bawls Mints claim to taste great, but we found only a few reviews of the product and most of those reviews showed pictures of the product, but no information on the taste or effectiveness of the mints. We are assuming, as well, that the mints are in mint flavor as that detail is not even listed in the product description.

The same warnings come with using Bawls Mints as those associated with other caffeinated candies. These mints are not for use by children and should be kept away from children at all times. Caffeine is proven to boost energy and increase metabolism, when used regularly, but it will not increase weight loss if the dieter does not reduce calorie intake and exercise. Caffeine may increase hunger by stimulating calorie-burn, so an appetite suppressant is often paired with caffeine in diet pills. Bawls Mints does not contain an appetite suppressant.

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  • The product is available online.
  • We found ingredients mentioned in the product description.


  • Bawls Mints contain very little caffeine.
  • You have to eat the entire tin of mints to get an effective dose of caffeine.


Bawls Mints are nothing more than caffeine in a tin. The caffeine impact is tiny so this is not the most effective product on the market. If you want to boost metabolism and lose weight with a caffeinated supplement you can do so for a fraction of the price of this tin with clinically tested ingredients.

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