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What You Should Know

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Protein Factory BCAA Capsules provide 900 mg of BCAAs or branched chain amino acids per capsule. The recommended dosage is 4 capsules up to three times per day. That would supply more than 14,000 mg or 14 grams of BCAAs. The recommended dose is 3 to 6 grams per day. Taking the full dose may be a bit overboard, but the supplement does supply more than enough BCAAs per capsule for optimal effects.

Protein Factory lists the amounts of each amino acid in the BCAA capsules, but they do not list all the ingredients. This is a bit of an oversight, as consumers may want only vegetarian capsules or they could be allergic to common capsule ingredients. There are no testimonials, free trials or money-back guarantees for Protein Factory products. BCAA Capsules is not the only BCAA product sold by Protein Factory.

List of Ingredients

Leucine 250 mg, Isoleucine 400 mg and Valine 250 mg.

Product Features

Branched chain amino acids have multiple functions in the body. They work as antioxidants and help prevent the body from burning muscle as fuel. All BCAAs are available from food sources and often at higher levels than BCAA supplements. For instance, 1 cup of lentils contains 3,600 mg of leucine. Dieters and bodybuilders may find it easier and less expensive to choose BCAA-rich foods instead of choosing BCAAs in supplement form.

There is mention of fat loss, energy and muscle growth benefits when taking BCAAs. This theory is because BCAAs have primary and secondary jobs. The primary job is protein synthesis. After that, BCAAs can work to improve muscle growth. Due to the constantly changing protein level in the body and oxidation of BCAAs, specifically leucine, during exercise, supplementation may provide enough leucine to complete both jobs. Theoretically, increasing muscle growth.

Of course, this is all in theory. Not many bodybuilders take BCAAs on a regular basis because they are commonly found in proteins. Supplementing with protein means supplementing BCAAs. An extra supplement is not needed.

Protein Factory BCAA Capsules sell for $13.99. In capsule form, BCAAs are even less popular as most bodybuilders take BCAAs as part of a protein shake.

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  • Supplies the right amount of BCAAs.
  • May help improve muscle growth.
  • Online ordering is supported.
  • All ingredient amounts are listed.


  • Does not provide a complete list of ingredients.
  • May not be required for healthy bodybuilding.
  • Protein is a source of BCAAs.


There is little evidence that packing the body with more BCAAs will help increase muscle growth. Protein is a healthy source of BCAAs that most bodybuilders take already. Along with most of the bodybuilding community, we are not sure taking more is better in this case.

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