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What You Should Know

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BC+EAA is a supplement targeting the after workout time when muscles need more amino acids to recover quickly. The only ingredients in the supplement are branched chain amino acids and essential amino acids. Other bodybuilding supplements will typically include these ingredients in post-workout shakes so there may be no real reason to use a standalone product such as BC+EAA. There is also no evidence that supplementing amino acids builds more muscle.

List of Ingredients

Proprietary Blend: Branched Chain Amino Acids – L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, L-Valine. Essential Amino Acids, L-Glutamine.

Product Features

As all bodybuilders know, amino acids are the starting point for muscle gains. BC+EAA combines amino acids in a unique way to promote muscle growth. Some amino acids are utilized first in the process of muscle repair. These include Leucine. The reason these amino acids are so important to bodybuilders is rooted in the process of gaining new muscle.

When muscles are worked in the gym, the fibers of the muscles tear. During the repair of these small tears, new muscle is used to bridge the gaps between the fibers. This causes the muscle to grow. Amino acids thus help muscles to repair larger and faster.

There is little doubt about the need for amino acids in bodybuilding, but the LG Sciences BC+EAA do not get great reviews from users. Firstly, the taste seems to be less than desirable. Leucine does not have a great taste to start off with, but other amino acid supplements seem to mask the flavor of the Leucine in their amino acid powders much better than LG Sciences. There are also complaints about the size of the canister opening. One bodybuilder claimed he had to ask his young daughter to fish the scoop out because his hand would not fit.

The most common complaints about the product after browsing through hundreds of forum posts from bodybuilders include: taste and mixing ability in water.

BC+EAA sells for less than $20 from most retailers, but LG Sciences sells the product for $23.99.

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  • Amino acids are crucial for building more muscle.
  • A few bodybuilders liked the taste.


  • Container opening is too small.
  • The LG Sciences price is higher than other retailers.
  • Many users complain the taste is horrible.
  • The powder may not mix well in water.


BC+EAA by LG Sciences may not be the most effective or tolerable amino acid supplement on the market today. This product focuses on the bodybuilder and not the dieter. There is no reason for a dieter to consume extra amino acids unless they are trying to build muscle and slim fat at the same time. In this case, you may have to contact the company for nutritional information because no calories are included on the label.

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