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Be a Knockout with Kendra is a workout DVD series by Kendra Wilkinson. As a former playmate and reality TV star, she’s been the center of a lot of attention, and the way she looks is a very important part of her job. When she married NBA star Hank Baskett, and had his son Hank Jr., she gained 50 pounds. In an effort to lose the weight and get back in shape, she and her personal trainer Nicky Holender developed the DVD to help others lose weight and get toned, too.

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Be a Knockout with Kendra is a sports themed workout DVD. It features six various routines you can do back-to-back as one complete full body workout, or you can take time to mix and match routines to make your own custom workout. Both Kendra and her personal trainer star in the video. The DVD is focused at women who are looking to shed the post postpartum weight, but anyone who wants to lose weight and tone up, The workouts are divided into: cardio, arms, legs and butt, abs, body toning and postpartum weight loss. Each section is six minutes long and is surrounded by a particular sports theme. The reviews from various sources say this is a good choice for people new to working out because it does not require any resistance equipment or weights, so there is no more investment required. The program is quick and easy so anyone can fit it in their daily routine.

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  • The exercises on the DVD can be done from the comfort of your own home.
  • The DVD is an inexpensive way to get exercise.
  • The workouts are completely customizable.


  • Kendra is known for a sex-tape scandal, which may bother some people and deter them from investing in her workout DVD.
  • This program is only targeted toward women.
  • The routine could easily get boring after a few attempts.
  • There is nothing about diet or supplements mentioned.
  • May not appeal to women who do not enjoy or know a lot about sports.


For women who want to lose weight, or just had a baby and want to kick their bodies back into shape, Be a Knockout with Kendra is a good choice. You can purchase the DVD online from a variety of merchants, for less than $15. When you combine this exercise routine with a balanced diet, you will see great weight loss results. If you add a proven weight loss supplement, as an appetite suppressant or a fat burner, you can really kick your weight loss efforts up a notch.

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