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Nutritional supplements have for years been used by body builders and those in the physique training industries to develop muscle and promote muscle repair. However, many of these products are now being pitched to more general consumers, and are increasingly being refined to contain a number of different additives that range from natural to artificial to hormonal. The Beast Anabolic Activator is a product that contains homeopathic hormones, and its designers claim that use of this product will help increase muscle development and promote physical endurance and muscle repair after long training sessions.

List Of Ingredients

Beast Anabolic Activator contains: Somatotrophine (GH) 6c, Gonado Stimuline 6c, Chorionic Gonadotrophine 6c, Folliculostimuline 6c, Adrenocorti cotrophine 9c, Thyroidinum 6c, Adrenalinum 6c, Progesterone 6c, Orchitinum 6c, Dopamine 6c, Acetylcholine 6c, RNA 6c, DNA 6c, ATP 6c, Leucine 4c, Isoleucine 4c, Valine 4c, Glutamine 4c, Estrone 12c, Estradiol 12c, Cortisone 12c, Saw Palmetto 3c, Tribulus 3c, Terrestris 3c, and Yohimbe 3c.

Product Details

Beast Anabolic Activator is a spray that is designed to be taken in six week cycles, and is designed for use three times daily. A cycle’s worth of the product retails for around $35.

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  • Plenty of information about the ingredients and the product available online.
  • May promote muscle growth


  • The product is not designed to promote weight loss on its own
  • The product contains a number of ingredients that may trigger side effects in users; the fact that it contains natural hormones at the highest rates available without FDA approval is somewhat troubling


Beast Anabolic Activator is a product that is designed to improve muscle growth and development, bulk up the user, and help with muscle repair. However, it contains a long formulation of hormonal ingredients that may result in side effects in some users, so those who are not in optimal physical health should be careful before embarking on a course of this product. In addition, this product is not designed to promote weight loss, but rather to encourage muscle growth and bulking up, which may be at odds with the goals of someone who is looking to promote weight loss. The Beast Anabolic Activator may promote weight loss when used in tandem with a healthy diet and exercise, but may not be the best option for those looking to use weight. In addition, given that it includes a range of hormonal additives, you may wish to consult with your doctor before using this product, particularly if you are taking other medications or are breastfeeding or pregnant. Users who are looking to lose weight may find better results with another product, or with approaches that encourage healthy eating and exercise as part of the weight-loss regimen.


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    julian knight

    is this product safe to use if you are under 18 years old?