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BCAAs are one of the buzz words in the body building industry at the moment, and are said to be able to help build muscle and promote overall physical strength and endurance, all of which are key to the performance of those in competitive body building. BCAAs are a type of amino acid that apparently help to improve the absorption of nutrients and vitamins by your muscles, allowing them to repair themselves and benefit from increased nutrition. Beast BCAAs is a product containing these amino acids, and is designed to improve the user’s physique by helping promote the distribution of vitamins and minerals through the blood stream and to the muscles.

List Of Ingredients

Beast BCAAs contains the active amino acid ingredients l-leucine, l-isoleucine, and l-valine, among other active ingredients

Product Details

Beast BCAAs is available in pill and granule form. A month’s supply can be purchased only for around $49.95.

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  • Plenty of information about the ingredients and the product available online.
  • Contains amino acids that research has indicated may improve muscle growth and repair
  • There have been no claims relating to adverse side effects or negative outcomes


  • The product is not designed to promote weight loss on its own
  • The product does not contain amino acids in the active quantities necessary to promote growth or weight loss
  • The product is expensive given its claims


Like many supplements targeted to body builders and body shapers, Beast BCAAs claims to be able to promote muscle development and repair, and result in overall improvements in fitness and physique. The product contains several amino acids that research has indicated may help promote these outcomes, however, it does not contain them in the quantities that may be necessary to achieve the sorts of results claims. Fortunately, there is little to indicate that taking Beast BCAAs may have adverse side effects, which may be due to the largely natural ingredients contained within this product. However, those looking for something to support their weight loss may find that the Beast BCAAs isn’t suited to their needs, particularly if they are not participating in regular exercise or partaking of a healthy diet. Like most supplements, Beast BCAAs may help promote the outcomes that it claims, but is not designed to be a magic solution to weight loss, and indeed is targeted to an entirely different market altogether. Those interested in losing weight may wish to look towards supplements that are more appropriately targeted to their needs, and may wish to talk to their doctor or nutritionist about which products are most appropriate to their particular weight loss and overall fitness and lifestyle goals.

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