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Weeding through the vast selection of diet pills and capsules can be a real chore. This is why we created this review for Beautiful Slim Body. This is one of many dietary supplements available today for weight loss. It is made with various plant extracts. More specifically, Beautiful Slim Body works by affecting the user’s gastro-intestinal tract. Basically it suppresses certain enzymes so they become less active.

The purpose of Beautiful Slim Body is to reduce fat absorption in the body, boost energy levels, and help decompose fat cells. This diet product may also help remove toxins from the body, while helping it absorb essential nutrients like copper, selenium, zinc, calcium, and potassium.

List of Ingredients

Cassia Seed Extract, Coicis Extract, Mulberry Leaf Extract, Lotus Leaf Extract, Mustard Extract, and Medical Amylum.

Product Features

Beautiful Slim Body is a dietary supplement that comes in the form of a soft gel capsule. It is made in the USA, and is geared primarily toward women. This product can be acquired without a doctor’s prescription, and is available through websites like and for a retail price of $50. According to distributors that offer Beautiful Slim Body, this diet drug does not lead to any side effects. Essentially this supplement formula is supposed to have a slimming effect on the user’s body. It is claimed to both heighten energy levels, and boost fat burning rates. Beautiful Slim Body contains primary ingredients like Cassia Seed Extract, Coicis Extract, Mulberry Leaf Extract, Lotus Leaf Extract, Mustard Extract, and Medical Amylum. It is directed to be taken once each day (one soft gel capsule with water). Ideally the user should take Beautiful Slim Body on an empty stomach in the morning. Some websites state that users can shed up to 17 pounds of fat in just the first month. There does not appear to be any money-back guarantee provided with this diet product. However, there are a few testimonials from past users posted online.

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  • This weight loss supplement comes in a convenient soft gel cap form.
  • There are no stated side effects related to Beautiful Slim Body.


  • Some of the main ingredients found in this supplement may not be suitable for some dieters (could cause bad reactions).
  • There is no satisfaction guarantee offered with Beautiful Slim Body.
  • No clinical research is provided for this diet product.
  • Regular exercise is not encouraged with Beautiful Slim Body.


In the end, Beautiful Slim Body is marketed like so many other “natural” or “herbal” blends available today. It is claimed to work wonders in the body when it comes to weight reduction. However, there is no guarantee provided with Beautiful Slim Body, nor is there any clinical data presented to support the claims made about this “miracle” diet pill.


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40 User Reviews about Beautiful Slim Body

  • 1

    this will be my first time use this. i am 197 lbs 44 yr old women i will let you know how it affects me.


  • 2
    Dorothy van Dijk

    Hello my name is Dorothy from Holland,i actually don,t have any thoughts yet.But i cannot find any clear way how you should eat,all i read is that you don,t need to follow a diet,i would like to have a guide-line cause normally i skip breakfast.I hope to see a reaction.Thank you and Bye


  • 3

    Where can i buy this?!


  • 4

    Does Beautiful Slim really work?



    Yes I have loss 35 pounds in 6 weeks. I drank plenty of water and ate 1,500 a day with exercise. Walking 30 minutes a day did the trick. Also I live in Ga so I go straight to the company that manufacturers. BSB



    Can you give me a contact number where I can reach the manufacturer, so I can buy me the authentic product. These way to many fakes out here.


  • 5
    habibat usman

    pls i want to slim dwon my body and my stomack what do i do


  • 6
    GDT_Los Angeles

    Ok, here goes my two cents review for my first 10 days.
    I noticed definitely a reduction on my appetite and on my cravings for sweets.
    I really didn’t make any alteration on my diet besides drinking more water and tea. I weighted myself this morning and I’m with 142.12 pounds (64.6 kgs. I didn’t experienced any constipation, but I had problems sleeping at the first 7 days and then I started taking melatonin and for the past 3 days I’m sleeping pretty good.
    I also noticed that I am a bit more moody and grumpy than usual and I hope that was due the lack of sleep. I will continue using it and see how it will be the next 10 days and also I . Keep you guys posted.



    Hi what website did you buy your pills from? i cant find them. Thank you


  • 7
    GDT_Los Angeles

    I received yesterday my Best Slim Pills today.
    Golden Label on the outside w/ Lot#, green pills w/ best slim written. I started this morning 3/8/2013 after breakfast. I’m 40 years old, 5’1″ and 146 lb (66.36 kgs). My goal is 136 lb until the end of this month and 126 lb until end of April and that is it. I keep you guys posted if this works or not and what sides effects I may or not experience.


  • 8

    Can u please let me know where u got these from. Would live to try but can’t find them anywhere I’m from Australia


  • 9

    I’ve used this for a month. I lost 15 pounds in 1 month.

    The good side: it stops you from being hungry.

    The down side: I took the pill at 8AM and forgot to eat around 12pm… my body started to shake badly (my legs and arms wouldn’t function), I started sweating and didn’t like people being around me (bad attitude).


  • 10

    It says women breast feeding should not take this product.


  • 11

    Should the pills have anything stamped on them?


  • 12

    I wanna use this but I’m breastfeeding ?? What do u guys think since no side affects and all natural ??


  • 13

    Can I alternate abc acai berry with beautiful slim body?


  • 14

    Beautiful Slim Body from makes you constipated no joke. Even with Cassia seed you will still get constipated. Drinking excessive water doesn’t help because you will still get constipated. Combining the pill with a laxative tea won’t help either. They have got to be knock offs. This pill cost $50 dollars with shipping ugh so mad. I don’t mind paying for a good product but when the product is bad that’s a total let down and a waste of money. The pills aren’t sent in the original boxes just a regular mailing box. This pill is missing the A1 on the pills. People whom lost a lot of weight in the past claimed theirs had the A1 on the pill. The word is that the manufactured doesn’t send them in the original boxes nor do they have the same label A1 on the pill. This pill is terrible it’s green with white letters BSB on it. UPC: 715162928187 with an American flag above the upc. batch 2010012, production date: 03 06 2011, expiration: 03 08 2014. Buyer Be Aware! This is obviously not the same effective product.



    My pills do not have anything written on them ???


  • 15

    I tried bsb and found I was light headed, still hungry and didn’t lose weight. My friend put me on Herbalife and have lost over 5kg in 2 weeks, gained heaps of energy and my health has never been better. The best part is I can still eat what I want!!!


  • 16

    I have used bsb for 3 weeks and have lost nothing. I am 5’9 and weigh 148. I oredered from magical remedies and the green pills have bsb stamped. I do not overeat by any means. Did I get fakes! Soo mad!


  • 17

    I used Beautiful Slim body and lost 8 pounds in a month eating and drinking whatever I wanted and did not exercise. I recommend the product!


  • 18

    I’ve been taking slim body pills for almost 2 weeks. I have lost at least 10 lbs. When I skip meals I feel sick. My chest feels tight and it bothers me. I don’t know to either stop taking it or continue ..? please help me with information.



    Are you drinking A LOT of water with it. No one two glasses a sitting… like a water bottle in your hand 24/7. These pills are really great. I lost 64 lbs in 12 weeks. (I did atkins also, but I took this to detox and drink more water.) They help sooo much. My skin is so clear that people have told me it is “luminous”.. I am still losing but now I do not take them on the weekends to prevent my body from getting used to them and stabilizing at a certain weight.



    Where did you buy them ?


  • 19

    please tell me how to down my body weight and my stomach is day of the day big that please help me


  • 20

    Can I take Beautiful Slim Body with L-Thyroxine 50MCG?


  • 21

    I recently sampled beautiful slim body from a family member who was taking it, she said that she took it for a week and there was a tremendous change in her appetite and no side effects so I decided to try it for myself, at first I was just regularly cuttin back and lost 2pds. but when I tried beautiful slim body only taking it every other day I lost an additional 1pd. that week and to comment on a previous comment it does work better if you take it before you eat in the morning its like it gives it time to enter your system first so I do suggest first thing before breakfast.


  • 22

    I have been using Beautiful Slim Body for the past 4 weeks. I have lost 24 lbs, but I have also been exercising for at least an hour a day, 4-6 days out of the week. I believe that Beautiful Slim Body has helped me lose the weight faster, but is not the sole reason for my weight loss. It does curb my appetite a little bit, but I’ve also made a change in my diet to also assist with the weight loss. I plan on continuing to use it, as it has had no side effects for me.


  • 23

    I have been using them for 2 weeks. I have lost 9lbs. There are side affects. I took my first one on an empty stomach. no no. I was extra hot, extemly thirsty, and a little jittery. Then my friend told me she takes them at night and puts a band around her stomach. That was so much better. I like these because i don’t really have to exercise or diet with it. And the pounds are comming off. i would recomend them to anybody, just take them at night.



    If you take it at night? It doesn’t make you stay awake? I know it gives you a burst of energy so how do you sleep at night on this pill?


  • 24

    I just got mine on the 25 February 2011 from House of Monet. Started taking them on 26 February 2011. I take them on a empty stomach before breakfast. No side effects… in fact no effect at all.

    I take it at 7am and by 10am I am hungry and I am not thirsty at all. Mine’s green in colour and has got A1 imprinted on them but I did not check the box for a hologram.


  • 25

    Beautiful slim body is just the same as other Chininess diet products. Even they blame its Made in USA but it’s accutally manufacture in china. Since FDA have been abanned most of the HOT diet such as 2 day , import from China, now someone out there just want to change the packaging and blame their diet is made in USA.



    You are wrong. I check the FDA list of banned diet pills that’s out there on their website and updated for the past 2 years. They have never listed “beautiful slim body” because it list its ingredients on its label and FDA has tested them and found none of the harmful ingredients you find in the other diet products. And it is made in Georgia, USA


  • 26

    The only diet pill that has ever worked for me. I love it…. dropped 11 lbs in 3 weeks. I never had a lot to lose.. just the last stubborn lbs that never go. Tons of energy and an awesome appetite suppressant. Had to force myself to eat. Does not work without food consumption. Recommend it to anyone!! No side effects at all!



    Rachael could you please tell me where you got yours from and do they post to australia, Thanks Lisa



    could you please tell me where you got your diet pills? thanks



    I got mine from House of Monet, roughly $65 they post to Australia. I live in Queensland and they were here in 6 days :-)


  • 27

    Was on this diet pill for 30 days. Reduced weight, however, suffered from a bad case of vertigo. I stopped the diet pill for two weeks and recovered. Attempted to use them again and the vertigo recurred. Has this been reported before?



    I have used beautiful slim body twice. I experience pretty bad vertigo, however for me at least, i could push through it in order to lose the amount of weight that can be lost so quickly with this pill!



    i have lost 4kg in a month. am so happy for my health and i say to evryone this product is good try and get your result.