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Beautologie is a cosmetic surgery practice in California. There are three locations offering everything from breast augmentation to tummy tucks after weight loss surgery. The company does not offer weight loss surgery or other medical weight loss solutions, but they do offer cellulite reduction systems like Venus Freeze. The body sculpting is available at two of the three locations – Bakersfield and Fresno. The Malibu location does not offer body sculpting at this time.

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  • Weight loss cosmetic surgery and body sculpting.

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There are many facets to weight loss. When patients turn to weight loss surgery, they often lose a ton of weight very quickly leaving hanging skin and skin folds, making it difficult to move, exercise and dress in properly sized clothing. Cosmetic surgeons can work with patients to lift and sculpt the body after weight loss surgery to create a more natural look and feel. There are some weight loss clinics that offer plastic surgery as part of the weight loss package, but others require patients to seek lift surgery from a third-party provider like Beautologie.

In addition to cosmetic surgery after weight loss, Beautologie also offers body sculpting using the Venus Freeze. Venus Freeze happens to be the latest, trendiest method of body sculpting, but that will change over time and Beautologie will likely change machines or processes to reflect newer technologies and technologies change. Venus Freeze utilizes radio frequencies, heat and other processes to reduce the bumpiness of cellulite and slim the body. The results are not associated with weight loss. Venus Freeze is not for the overweight or obese dieter. Beautologie also offers Endermologie, a roller-based cellulite treatment.

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  • The Beautologie website lists locations, addresses and available procedures.
  • Before and after pictures are posted for many clients.


  • Venus Freeze is not a weight loss solution.
  • Not all insurance policies cover cosmetic surgery after weight loss.
  • Aside from Venus Freeze body sculpting, Beautologie offers no weight loss solutions.
  • Locations are all in California.


Beautologie may be a big name in cosmetic surgery in California, but the procedures offered are not unique. You can find the same body lift surgery and body sculpting via Venus Freeze across the United States. Dieters looking for weight loss solutions are not going to find those with the Venus Freeze or Endermologie procedures or with Beautologie. If cosmetic surgery like liposuction is something you are interested in, Beautologie can offer solutions, but the same solutions are also available from thousands of cosmetic surgeons in California alone.

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