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Beauxlim is a weight loss formula from Malaysia. It is not one that appears to be sold online, but rather must be acquired through select pharmacies. It was created based on a scientific theory concerning anti-obesity. The theory is that harmful toxins must be removed from the body in order for unwanted weight to be shed. Furthermore, it is important to hinder the body’s absorption of excessive fats, sugars, starches, and carbohydrates. In other words, Beauxlim allows users to consume the foods they want, but without gaining weight.

Like some other weight loss drugs, Beauxlim prevents the body from absorbing consumed fats, sugars, and carbs. Unwanted weight and matter are removed from the body via bowel movements. This is quoted as a 100 percent natural formula. Although it is made from herbs, they are not revealed on the website. There is no need for exercise with Beauxlim. The weight loss process is broken down into three stages, which are as follows; (first stage) detoxification through several bowel movements each day, (second stage) fat is blocked from absorption and removed from the body, (third stage) fats and sugars are no longer absorbed from foods you eat and a slimmer figure is maintained.

List of Ingredients

Not provided on the official website.

Product Features

Beauxlim is a slimming supplement that comes in capsule form. It is directed to be taken twice each day, once before breakfast (two capsules) and once before dinner (one capsule). This weight loss product is supposed to be most effective when taken 10 to 20 minutes prior to each meal. There are no discussed side effects with Beauxlim. However, the official website does state that six to eight glasses of water should be consumed daily while taking this product. Even though the results vary, most users should see a difference within four to six weeks. The cost of Beauxlim is $82.90 (40 capsules).

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  • This weight reduction supplement comes in a convenient capsule form.
  • Beauxlim can be purchased through stores like Watsons, Jusco, Sasa, and Apex Pharmacy (not sure where these are located).
  • There are a few testimonials posted for this product.


  • None of the ingredients for Beauxlim are provided on the website for review.
  • The cost of this weight loss drug is high at $82.90.
  • There is very little information provided on the company that manufacturers Beauxlim.
  • There is no clinical research presented on the website to support the claims made about this diet pill.
  • No exercise is encouraged with Beauxlim capsules.


After reviewing the Beauxlim official website, it is unclear what core ingredients make this product effective for healthy weight loss. While it sounds good that the contents of this diet pill are herbal, none of them are known, which will certainly raise a few eyebrows. It would definitely be refreshing to see some clinical evidence provided to support Beauxlim capsules, as well as a full list of ingredients. Although there are no side effects addressed for this weight loss supplement, it is wise to speak with a physician before taking it.

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