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What type of diet pill or weight loss formula are you in the market for? As you may know, there are products that suppress hunger, those that burn off fat, some that boost energy levels, and others that aim to do all of these things. Regardless of the diet product you choose, you probably want to know that it is effective and safe prior to spending your money. Take BeFull Slimming Tablets for instance. This supplement goes for $70 per bottle, and is available through some online stores. It is suitable for women and men alike, and is not supposed to cause any negative side effects. This formula is also 100 percent natural, which some dieters may appreciate.


  • Protein
  • Fiber

Product Features

BeFull Slimming Tablets are claimed to make you feel full and satisfied. This way you will not be tempted to eat more food. Over time, you should begin to notice weight reduction. In other words, this supplement works in a similar manner to many other diet pills available today; especially those with ingredients like Hoodia Gordonii (this ingredient suppresses hunger). There are no user testimonials or success stories found to support BeFull Slimming Tablets. Nor is there any clinical research provided as proof that this diet pill actually yields real results.

There are only two ingredients mentioned for BeFull Slimming Tablets. These are Protein and Fiber. Protein is a nutrient you need daily, and it can help repair the body, build lean muscle tissue, and even suppress appetite. As for fiber, it is also needed daily, and it helps with healthy digestion and bowel movements. Fiber also causes a feeling of satiety; especially when combined with water, since it expands in the stomach.

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  • This weight loss supplement is 100% natural.
  • BeFull Slimming Tablets provide protein and fiber, which are good for you.


  • There is no satisfaction guarantee provided with BeFull Slimming Tablets.
  • This diet pill is quite expensive at $70 per bottle.
  • A complete ingredient list is not found.
  • There are alternative weight loss products that actually assist with fat burning.


Overall, there is really not a great deal of information provided on BeFull Slimming Tablets. While it is clear that this weight loss supplement contains fiber and protein, there is no complete ingredient list provided, which is concerning. It is also known that BeFull Slimming Tablets cost $70, but are not supported by a refund guarantee. While this weight loss pill may help you feel full, it does not assist with fat burning. Furthermore, there are plenty of other ways to get fiber and protein, but without spending $70. This is something to consider.

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    Where do I buy them from and how much are they ? Thanks