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Diet pills are often vaunted as a quick fix for long-term health and weight problems. There is a vast range of diet pills on the market, one of which is Belissima Slim, a diet pill that claims to help users obtain the Brazilian bikini body they so desire. The product’s manufacturers claim that Belissima Sim can help dextox the body, as well as discourage fluid retention, suppress the appetite, and encourage fat burning. While there are some positive reviews online from customers, it is difficult to find any scientific evidence supporting Belissima Slim’s efficacy as a weight loss product, or indeed the efficacy of its ingredients, as the company does not publicly disclose its ingredients list. However, it can be assumed that the ingredients contained in this product, which claims to promote a Brazilian-style body, may include well-known Brazilian ingredients such as acai.

List Of Ingredients

The ingredients of Belissima Slim are not available to consumers, although the company’s website does note that the product does not contain Ephedra.

Product Details

Belissima Slim can be purchased for $200, although whether this supply is for a one or two month supply is unclear

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  • Information about the ingredients and the product is available online.
  • No serious side effects associated with Belissima Slim have been reported


  • No ingredient information is available online
  • The product is extremely expensive, and no money-back guarantee is offered


While many customer comments seem supportive of Belissima Slim, users should be wary of a product that fails to disclose its ingredient list, does not offer a money-back guarantee, and is pitched at such an exorbitant price point. Although Belissima Slim claims to be ephedra-free, the fact that no ingredient list is offered is somewhat concerning, and despite the fact that few serious side effects have been reported, some users have reported feeling jittery or nauseous as a result of taking this supplement. Without a list of ingredients available online, it is best to conclude that Belissima Slim will not offer a significant benefit in terms of promoting weight loss and overall health, and users should look to alternative options when it comes to changing their lifestyle. In particular, they should avoid products that exercise secrecy in relation to their ingredient lists, and should be wary of products that claim to be able to cure a wide range of problems or that claim to offer a range of different benefits, as often the efficacy of these products is disputable, and frequently it is difficult to find appropriate medical research to support these claims. Users should also be wary of products that seem exorbitantly priced, especially if no money-back guarantee is offered.

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