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The Bell Ezee Slimming Patch is one that was developed by Bell Lifestyle Products Inc. The official pitch of this company is that they help people improve the quality of their lives. The health supplements offered by Bell are sold all over North America, and can be acquired directly through the official website if no dealer is located in your area. There is a convenient store locator apparatus available on the official website for convenient use. There is also a simple 1-800 number provided for over-the-phone orders.

When using the Bell Ezee Slimming Patch, users should see results within two to three weeks. Although you do not count calories when using this patch, you do strive to adopt better eating habits. The patch is encouraged to be used for more than three months. This way the user will be more likely to adopt healthier eating habits. One patch is placed on the body each week. The purpose of this patch is to suppress hunger and unhealthy food cravings. There is a lot of information posted on the website about other diet pills, and how they do not work.

List of Ingredients

Latex-free adhesive bandage with non-medical herbal ingredient of 25mg of bladderwrack kelp extract, garcinia cambogia and menthol in a sealed pouch.

Product Features

The Bell Ezee Slimming Patch is a product that is placed on your skin once each week in order to curb cravings. The major active ingredients in this product are Bladderwrack Kelp Extract (reduces cravings for sweets and fatty foods) and Garcinia Cambogia. This patch is suitable for both women and men that desire assistance with weight reduction. Although a specific exercise regimen is not required with the Bell Ezee Slimming Patch, regular exercise is recommended. A number of testimonials are presented on the website, but it does not appear that a money-back guarantee is offered.

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  • The Bell Ezee Slimming Patch is easy to use.
  • Healthy eating is encouraged with this weight loss product.
  • Regular exercise is encouraged with this patch.


  • There is not a great deal of data provided on the Bell Ezee Slimming Patch.
  • There is more negative information on the website about competitive diet pills, than there is about the Bell Ezee Slimming Patch itself.
  • The price is not clearly posted for this product.
  • There is very little information on the company‚Äôs background.


All in all, there are several weight loss patch products on the market at this time. Choosing the right one to meet your needs may be easier said than done. While the Bell Ezee Slimming Patch sounds good in theory, you have to wonder why the website wastes so much space claiming how bad diet pills and supplements are when they could be discussing their product more thoroughly.

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7 User Reviews about Bell Ezee Slimming Patch

  • 1
    Bahieh Misagh

    Hi there. 15 years ago i tried the Ezee slimming patch from Bell and lost 15 pounds. Now that i am oler and even need them more, they are not available in Canada. I hope they come back in Canada, because they really work. Thanks


  • 2

    What are the negative side effects of the
    Bell Ezee Slimming Patch Do the patches raise blood pressure?


  • 3

    Pls does bell ezee slimming patches really work? How has it affect you if it does.


  • 4

    i come they stop selling that in canada i lost 100 pound with ezee slimming patch in 5 month ..please send back to the self in canada please thank do you wont make some money guyss…stupid to take that of the self..


  • 5



  • 6
    Lily I.Santoni

    Where I have to put the ezee slimming patch and when.


  • 7
    Terry Hoyt

    This patch is wonderful. It has helped my mood, and don’t have craving for sweets, or hunger, or carbs.. and no pills are required… So what’s your problem? How much are you getting paid to promote your “top products” recommended? Now that’s deception.