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Bell Lifestyle Products is a company that manufactures all sorts of health supplements for men and women. These product are sold all over the world through numerous distributors. A convenient store locator apparatus is available on the official website to help you find a distributor near you. A convenient 1-800 number is also provided on the website for those who prefer to place an order over the phone.

To break it down, Bell Lifestyle Products come in categories like Pain Control, Urinary Health, Preventing Illness, Healthy Sex Life, Medicinal Teas, Women, Sleeping Problems, Constipation, Viruses, Plan to Prevent Cancer, and Weight Control. In the Weight Control category, you will find two products that aim to assist with weight reduction. These are the Ezee Slimming Patch and the Bell Hoodi Burst Gum. While there are no prices posted for these two weight control products, there are plenty of testimonials listed under the Ezee Slimming Patch, as well as a lot of negative comments about diet pills and the overall weight loss supplement market.

List of Ingredients

Not applicable.

Product Features

To focus a little more on the diet side of Bell Lifestyle Products, we can take a closer look at the Ezee Slimming Patch and the Bell Hoodi Burst Gum. While the gum is essentially chewed to suppress hunger throughout the day, the Slimming Patch is placed directly on the skin in order to curb fat and sugar cravings. According to the website for Bell Lifestyle Products, cravings for junk food are one of the key issues with obesity and weight gain today. The two core ingredients used in the patch product are bladderwrack kelp extract and garcinia cambogia. Actual clinical research is not clarified on the website.

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  • There are all sorts of Bell Lifestyle Products available.
  • These products are suitable for both women and men of various ages.
  • A lot of testimonials are posted for the Ezee Slimming Patch.


  • There does not appear to be real clinical research provided to support these the Ezee Slimming Patch.
  • The prices are not posted for these two diet products.
  • There does not appear to be any information presented on the Bell Hoodi Burst Gum.
  • The ingredients found in these diet products may lead to allergic reactions in some users.


There is no doubt a lot of Bell Lifestyle Products offered through authorized dealers. However, the official website does not appear to offer a great deal of information on the supplements themselves. There is, however, quite a bit of data provided on other diet pills and how they are harmful. It is a good idea to consult your physician before trying any Bell Lifestyle Products.

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  • 1
    I am a bell marketter. I can assist you with the products. I have used some products for more tha a year . my reg I'd is 39312346072. shop 100. phone 08170065045

    Bell products have saved my life. Kidney and heart rejuvenated


  • 2

    I will like to know if bell gelatin capsule is sourced from animal or plant protein


    Jessica (Editor)

    Hi! For detailed product and usage instructions, please refer to the Bell Lifestyle official website for more information.


  • 3
    Alhaji Ibrahim Mohammed

    HI, I have not use your product before but iam a patient with Acid reflux and bad breath ,How will your product be beneficial to me and what type of your product will also be good to me to cure acid reflux and bad breath ?,Thank you. Bell Lifestyle Products.


    Adrian (Editor)

    Hi! Please make sure to consult with your physician before starting a new weight-loss program or product.


  • 4

    How can i order BELL products from KADUNA-NIGERIA, W/AFRICA.


  • 5
    Your darleneName

    I have leg and arm pain with a heart beating load would ang of these products work about Bell Lifestyle Products.


  • 6

    Is your product #3b for joints made from or contain shellfish


    Stephen (Editor)

    It is made of Glucosamine HCL 500mg, Chondroitin sulfate 200mg, MSM 300mg. The Glucosamine can be fond in bone marrow and in the exoskeletons of crustaceans.


  • 7

    How do i make a living with bell lifestyle


    Arnold (Editor)

    We don’t know the process of becoming a distributor. Please contact the company directly.


  • 8

    On me parle d’opération aux genoux et je suis contre. Cependant ma jambe gauche me fait beaucoup souffrir car on me dit que je fais de l’insuffisance veineuse et on me conseille de porter des bas supports. Une bonne amie m’a parlé de vos produites mes lesquels me conseillez-vous pour un soulagement, car la nuit c’est très souffrant et non le jour.
    Ces produits naturels peuvent être pris avec d’autres médicaments. Merci


    Karen (Editor)

    Salut Madeleine. Nous vous conseillons d’arrêter de prendre ces produits et conseiller votre médecin.


  • 9

    How could one be a member to your services and in what ways does it serve as source of income to him


  • 10

    I have type 2 diabetes would any of your supplement help me to control my blood sugar?


  • 11

    I have been using the acid reflux product and found it very helpful. however, i am not able to find a seller in Jamaica.please advise if these is a distributor in Jamaica


  • 12

    The question that I have is that the bottom of my feet feel that they are burning all the time. What can I take or put on them to make the burn go away.I beleive it is nerve pain.


  • 13

    can someone with high blood pressure take the bell lifestyle allergy medicine. I do take high blood pressure meds prescribe. thanks


    sheryl in canada

    Hi there! Thats easy. Just take the ingredient list to your Pharmacist and ask if its alright (no complications) with your current meds.


  • 14

    what is good for leg pain or aches in back of legs .Someone said arteries are pluging up .Any help would be appreciated.


  • 15
    kelechukwwu i onyebuchi

    i am living in lome togo west africa i want to market your product; you can contact me on +22890331499 thank


  • 16
    Bob Saettler

    Thinking about buying the Ezee Flow Tea. Any feedback on if this really works would be appreciated. Thanks.



    I took Ezee Flow Tea. I could hardly per at all. It was terrible. My buddy Ray said he drank 2 cups a day for two months and his issue went away. Me too. I am amazed and hugely relieved. You should go for it. $ 100 of tea and your cured. At least that’s my experience….


  • 17
    willie ross

    I am on my second bottle of sleep apnea eze. This has renewed my life I am not falling asleep at work I have more enegery I’m walkingn better it’s great .please do not cut doage.


  • 18
    Tyler Mahadeo

    From what source does your Kidney extract come?


  • 19
    Betty Moore

    I purchased the Colon care and cleanse, one of the ingredients on the box says cayenne pepper, however on the bottle this ingredient is missing. Is this suppose to help with bowel movement?


  • 20
    Willard Hogg

    can’t read then image. Is your
    product #60 FDA approved as I have psoriasis and need help as
    my derm. doctor does not seem to
    have the solution.


  • 21

    virox viral infectiond i have been using this product it is very good no more cold sores since i started using it a month ago the bottle is almost finish do i need to continue using it every day


  • 22
    Rohani Cain

    Please send some info an your products and the benefits of using them. Thank You very much


  • 23
    donald charlton

    i am taking prostata about 3 weeks i went to my doctor for reguar check up lab came back that i have a low blood count its this bush med i start taking please let me know that i can stop thanks donald


  • 24

    Would like some info on the sleep Apnea product????


    fred scheuer

    I have been using a CPA


    Your Name

    no matter what herbs you take … when you have apnea YOU MUST use a CPAP machine every night when you sleep. It is absolutely necessary.


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