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Bella Slim is an herbal weight loss product that’s manufactured by Balestra & Mech, which is an Italian company founded in 1911 that focuses on all-natural ingredients that are organic and wildly grown. Bella Slim is described as a “slimming herbal tonic” that is claimed to assist user’s by metabolizing body fat and aiding with the elimination of fats. This supplement aims to help users with maintaining a slim and healthy figure. Bella Slim doesn’t appear to be available through the official website. No customer testimonials or success stories are offered for Bella Slim at this time.

A number of active ingredients are included in Bella Slim. These are Nettle Root, Chervil Leaf, Kombu (thallus), Pineapple, Damiana Leaf, Bladderwrack (thallus), Watercress Plant, European Ash, Juniper Bark, Restharrow Root, Birch Leaf, Horsetail, Guar Gum, Uva Ursi Leaf, Rosemary, Muira Puama Bark, Dandelion Root and Eleuthero Root. No free trial samples of Bella Slim are provided through the official website, nor is there a retail price revealed for Bella Slim tonic. Like many other weight reduction supplements, Bella Slim is intended to be taken daily and in conjunction with regular exercise and a healthy diet plan. Unfortunately, there is no 100% money-back/satisfaction guarantee posted on the official website.

List of Ingredients

Kombu (thallus), Pineapple (fruit), Damiana (leaf), Bladderwrack (thallus), Dandelion (root), Eleuthero (root), Muira Puama (bark), Rosemary (leaf), Horsetail (grass), Uva Ursi (leaf), Guar (gum), Birch (leaf), Restharrow (root), Watercress (whole plant), Juniper (bark), European Ash (bark), Chervil (leaf) and Nettle (root).

Product Features

Bella Slim is a liquid weight loss tonic that offers key ingredients like Damiana Leaf, Guar Gum, Juniper Bark, Restharrow Root, Dandelion Root and Kombu (thallus). This diet product endeavors to assist users by metabolizing body fat, aiding with the elimination of fats and helping users maintain a slim figure. There doesn’t appear to be any clinical research presented on the official website for Bella Slim. This tonic is meant to be taken daily in order to assist men and women with obesity.

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  • Bella Slim comes in a unique and simple liquid form.
  • Bella Slim is stated to be made from organic, herbal ingredients.
  • The company that manufactures Bella Slim is well established and dates back to 1911, which may be reassuring to some individuals.


  • No clinical data is provided on the official website to support the overall effectiveness of Bella Slim tonic.
  • Bella Slim is not offered with a 100% money-back guarantee.
  • There are no customer testimonials provided on the website.
  • No free trial samples of Bella Slim are available at this time.
  • Since it is a liquid tonic, the taste could be disagreeable to some users.
  • Bella Slim doesn’t appear to suppress the user’s appetite.
  • It’s difficult to determine how much Bella Slim actually costs by examining the official website.


When all is said and done, Bella Slim is pitched more like a nutritional supplement, than an actual diet product. On the bright side, this product is claimed to contain all-natural components. In the end, it would be nice to see some weight loss related clinical research posted on the official website, along with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, a few customer testimonials and some free trial samples of Bella Slim tonic.

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    Its great best diet pill ever


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    I received Bella Slim as a free sample when visiting a local Health Food Store in South Florida. I was quite blotted and very swollen from stress and eating in Restaurants during my most recent move. After taking Bella Slim I could not believe how much fluid was released from my body in a instant. I felt good in my joints and had a burst of energy. Just recently I purchased the 16.5 oz bottle and I love this product, it helps my food digest better, no mid day fatigue and a burst of energy. It is a great diuretic for water retention. This past weekend, after eating a meal not on my plan(a hamburger) there was immediate elimination, not to be graphic but true. However, it is a great product and I can not wait to share future testimonies on this great product. Bella Slim is a great product for women. Of course, a balanced diet and regular exercise plan is truly our responsibility regardless on any product.

    Pleased Customer—