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Bellabaci is a massage treatment that uses small plastic cups to kiss the skin. The cups can be used to relieve stress and pain, but it is the home cellulite treatment we are most interested in. According to Bellabaci, these tiny cups help move sludge, facilitate fat loss and smooth skin. To optimize results, Bellabaci offers cellutherapy oils. The oils and other product claims are the downfall of Bellabaci’s trustworthiness.

List of Ingredients


  • Plastic Suction Cups
  • Lymph Massage Technique
  • Cellutherapy Oils

Product Features

We searched and searched for an ingredient list for the Bellabaci cellutherapy oils, but there is no ingredient list. The company is secretive about the ingredients, but they are not so secretive about how each of the three formulas is supposed to work. According to Bellabaci, Cellutherapy 1 is all about metabolism and hydration. Cellutherapy 2 concentrates on the blood and lymph systems while supporting metabolism and reducing water weight. Cellutherapy 3 works in the same way, but muscle tone and digestion are mentioned this time around. Without an ingredient list or even mention or suggestion of the ingredients used in the formulas, dieters cannot trust any of Bellabaci’s claims.

Moving on to the suction cups we are left with a question mark hovering over our head. The company claims the suction breaks down cellulite and causes fat cells to release toxins – but that is not the case. If suction works to reduce cellulite why can’t the average Joe use a vacuum cleaner to really get cellulite moving? What makes matter worse is the fact that each suction cup must be held in place for about eight minutes before moving to a new location. At that rate it will take hours to massage just one thigh using Bellabaci cups. Think you found a local professional Bellabaci therapist with training using the cellulite reduction cups? Think again – you can purchase a professionals starter kit for $165 complete with training DVD.

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  • The official website is easy to find and navigate.


  • No ingredients used in Bellabaci massage oils are listed online.
  • The kit is outrageously expensive.
  • Suction will not reduce cellulite.
  • Anyone can purchase the professionals kit.


Bellabaci does not back claims about cellulite reduction with clinical science or even testimonials. The cellulite reducing body kit retails for $330, but the consumer is expected to make the purchase without knowing what is in the oils. We suggest Bellabaci go back to the drawing board and work on telling the consumer more about the product and showing how it really works on real people to gain trust.

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2 User Reviews about Bellabaci

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    Bellabaci rocks!!!!!!! I have only been using it for 1 week and I noticed immediate results; smoother firmer skin, no kidding! From the girl who has tried every cellulite product from creams to body wraps.


  • 2
    Derrick Z. Venter

    Great article,but…you have your “alleged” facts and general premise on how and why Bellabaci cups work in eliminating cellulite…wrong.

    1.Bellabaci cups are made of superior grade medical silicone and not plastic…
    2.If you really did your so called in depth research you would have come across 1000′s of articles and testimonials on traditional cupping therapy that happens to be older than acupuncture and is still used today by BILLIONS of people to treat all types of ailments. You will find many practitioners and medical doctors stating the effectiveness of cupping therapy.
    3.Endermologie, a suction type cellulite treatment which is extremely expensive is used in spas worldwide and works on the same principal as Bellabaci…Guess they must be slated on your website too…
    4.Your facetious and sarcastic remark ” If suction works to reduce cellulite why can’t the average Joe use a vacuum cleaner to really get cellulite moving”? is obviously an attempt to discredit Bellabaci and is unprofessional and ignorant.
    5.”What makes matter worse is the fact that each suction cup must be held in place for about eight minutes before moving to a new location.” Actually, you are wrong on that too…It clearly states in numerous videos and text in more than 50,000 references on Google that the cups must be “glided or moved” – massaged over the affected cellulite area. Bellabaci has never stated that you “park” the cups on on spot…The entire massage process take 8 – 10 minutes to complete and is 4 – 5 minutes per area…Please, if you are going to demean and denigrate…do your research efficiently.
    6.Professional Massage Therapists? We sell the professional Bellabaci Kit to certified, licensed therapists only as the practitioner has to have had extensive training and qualification in deep tissue massage, must understand the complications that can lead to serious injury should the Bellabaci massage not be done correctly.Our training DVD will probably not be understood by the “average joe” as medical and therapy terms proliferate in the content. Without the required training and certification the average joe cannot do or even attempt a Bellabaci deep tissue body massage.So, yes, our Professional therapist kit is for professionals only…Please correct your misinformation as I am convinced that a qualified therapist would take umbrage to your ignorant statement…
    7.Bellabaci has hundreds of testimonial success stories from women all over the world stating the effectiveness of our cellulite massage, including a controlled clinical study by a graduate student at the University of Cape Town as a theses program final paper…I will be happy to provide this for you…it is actually posted in full on the web and clearly states the effectiveness of the Bellabaci Technique as a cellulite reducing natural alternative…
    8. All our testimonials are from “real people” as you so succinctly posted…

    I am so confident in our product as the ultimate and most affordable way to get rid of cellulite that I challenge you to a face off in a controlled environment that not one of the products that you are flogging as a cellulite treatment will stand up to it’s claims or come even close to Bellabaci.

    At most, you did a superficial and rather shallow search and research on our products. I do agree that we have not placed the ingredients of our oils all over the web but I am more than happy to have the formulator, a world renowned Homeopathic doctor, author of several highly regarded books provide to you a list of ingredients and the extremely complicated method by which our oils are produced.

    You may contact me at any time for more information at or +27 081 271 0384…