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The Belly Burner is a weight loss belt. Though many products are available on the market to wear your way to a better figure, we will take a closer look at this one and how it works to help you determine if it is the way you can lose the weight for good. The website claims all you have to do is wear it and you will see weight loss.

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The Belly Burner works by raising the temperature of the ab, on the outside. The idea behind it is that it will simulate the “burn” most people feel when they work out, but the belt has one fatal flaw. There is a considerable difference between raising the temperature of the skin, and raising the temperature of muscles inside the body. Having this, however, the belt does help keep the ab muscles pulled into the core, and helps people remember to maintain correct posture for core strength improvements. The belt comes with an exercise DVD you can use to help increase your weight loss efforts. The belt is available from a variety of merchants online for less than $20.

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  • This is a cost effective approach.
  • There is an exercise DVD included with the belt.


  • There is no evidence proving altering the muscle temperature helps strengthen it.
  • Their advertisements and celebrity endorsements do not match the information you find on their official website.
  • This does not mention healthy eating or dietary supplements.
  • Though there is mention of a money back guarantee, we are not sure how well the company keeps its end of the bargain.
  • The website shows “thermo imaging” to show the core body temperature rise to burn more calories and build muscle faster, but we know the belt just heats the stomach.
  • No product can spot reduce, or promise weight loss in just one spot of the body. Your body will lose weight evenly throughout. You cannot control which area of the body the weight will come off.


While it is important to maintain good core posture and strength to help improve balance, and we think the exercise DVD is a good thing, we do not support any product that says all you have to do is use this and you will see weight loss. The bottom line is that you must follow a reduced calorie balanced diet, and you must exercise if you want to lose weight the healthy way. For best results, we recommend a proven weight loss supplement, in the form of a proven fat burner or appetite suppressant alongside a balanced diet with regular exercise to increase weight loss results.

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  • 1

    Will the belly burner help me get rid of my love handles


  • 2
    Joslyn Du Plooy

    i do exercise but i need the belt to help with my tummy buldge. will it help me ?



    People, did you read the review I’ll quite “No product can spot reduce, or promise weight loss in just one spot of the body” so no, it will not reduce your love handles


  • 3
    willie skinner

    yes I want to know will this help me loss my belly fat and make me look nice again


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