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With so many people searching high and low for the right weight loss method, there are always new diet programs, supplement formulas, fitness regimens, and low-fat recipe books hitting the market. After all, there is no one perfect way to lose weight and reach weight loss goals for every individual. Regardless of what methods or supplements you have tried, there is one approach that is taken with your daily diet or meal plan, and it is called “The Belly Fat Cure.”

As you may have noticed, there are countless recipes and cookbooks geared toward healthy eating and weight reduction. The Belly Fat Cure is one of these texts. This is a spiral-bound book that focuses primarily on carbohydrates and sugars. Needless to say, this is one of the primary causes for weight gain these days. Therefore it does make sense to focus on alternatives to foods with a lot of sugar and heavy carbs. This cookbook is entitled The Belly Fat Cure, because it addresses the tummy region of the body, which is often affected by carbohydrates.

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Product Features

The Belly Fat Cure is a cookbook that offers a new Carb Swap System. Ideally this can potentially assist dieters with dropping four to nine pounds every week. The Belly Fat Cure was written by one Jorge Cruise, who is the author of several other weight loss texts as well. Unlike other weight loss plans that encourage eating less and exercising more, this book focuses more on avoiding certain foods. Specifically, sweet foods that lead to belly fat. It provides dieters with over 1,500 options to suit individuals who are meat lovers, carb lovers, chocoholics, vegans, and avid fast-food eaters. The Belly Fat Cure is 336 pages in length, and it sells for around $20 (prices vary on different websites).

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  • There are some positive reviews posted online for The Belly Fat Cure.
  • Over 1,500 different food options are listed in the book to help satisfy cravings.


  • No convenient supplements are involves with The Belly Fat Cure cookbook to aid with fat burning or appetite suppression.
  • It is unclear what expertise the author of this text has.
  • Some dieters may not care for the diet and lifestyle change involved with The Belly Fat Cure method.
  • There is no clinical research provided to support this approach to weight reduction.


It is surprising to see that The Belly Fat Cure does not really encourage eating less or working out. This cookbook really just places a focus on avoiding specific sugary foods that are high in simple carbohydrates. While this may decrease the user’s belly fat over time, it may not offer as much simplicity and convenience as a dietary supplement that does not require as much of a lifestyle change.

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