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What You Should Know

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The Belly Fat Free Program is an eBook series with an official website and a dedicated line of supplements. There is very little information on the official website, but the customer can shell out nearly $70 for the series if they trust the author. The official blog offers a bit more insight into to program. The author of Belly fat Free is Josh Bezoni. Bezoni is a nutritionist, but that’s all we know about said author. Nearly every diet websites that runs ads has shown the Flat Belly Diet ads. You know the ones that offer the “1 tip of a flat belly” or “3 veggies that fight abdominal fat.” It seems these ads are the main focus of the Belly Fat Free eBook.

List of Ingredients

eBook series and supplement line for weight loss and a flat belly.

Product Features

The official website for Belly Fat Free is nothing more than a front page directing visitors to other pages and websites. The site is really just a WordPress blog linked to the Belly Fat Free store, blog and social media pages. Not one word about the program is available on the main site.

When we clicked over to the blog, we found lots of information on weight loss and losing belly fat, but that information is not directly associated with the Belly Fat Free program. The posts are just general flat belly tips.

Going back to the main page, we clicked over to the store where we found the Belly Fat Free program for sale, but no information on what is included with the plan other than a picture showing books and DVD or CDs. The program is virtual, so there is no physical shipment to be received. The buyer will pay the going price for a download.

Finally, we found another website linked to the Belly Fat Free program at This website is dedicated to customer service only.

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  • May help a dieter lose weight.
  • Available for purchase online.
  • Website, blog and social media dedicated to the eBook series and supplements.


  • Absolutely zero information available on the program.
  • The eBook sells for more than other virtual programs.
  • May be a replay of old information.


The Belly Fat Free program might as well be given away for free because the dieter is not going to buy this eBook or the supplements. There is no information available on the program, diet or exercise requirements. This is just bad marketing. At some point, the company needs to tell the dieter what they are suggesting before asking them to spend money on a download. Chances are this program is nothing more than a collection of articles on fitness and dieting.

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