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Belly Fat
There are countless diet websites, blogs, forums, and ‘tricks’ out there, and they’re all talking about the same thing: belly fat. Then they even show you this disgusting cartoon drawing of someone with their pants unsnapped (well, they can’t snap anyway), with both hands squeezing a large roll of…belly fat. Even though that isn’t the most flattering image, it’s true; people are on a quest for “The Belly Fat Cure!” Then there’s the flip side of the coin—everyone’s quest for… “Abs of Steel!” Either way, many folks are all targeting the same area, that middle aged spread lovingly known as the ‘spare tire’.

So why is the belly such a gathering place for fat? Some experts claim that the main reason some people seem to gather more fat around the middle section than other is because of the stress hormone, cortisol. Others claim it is because of a sedentary lifestyle. Still others blame it on beer. Or age. Or menopause. Or…you get the picture. Whatever the cause, this epidemic—yes epidemic, highly increases the risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, some cancers, and even premature death.

Losing belly fat, then, is more than just about having a rock hard six pack, it’s about getting healthy. Being healthy includes having a healthy mid. Brown University conducted a study on how “mindfulness” lowers the risk of obesity. Why does it seem so hard to lose belly fat? Fat around the middle is not just subcutaneous fat—fat just below the skin—it also includes visceral fat, fat which surrounds the body’s organs, deep inside the abdomen. Eating a healthy diet and moderate exercise is the best way to lose belly fat. But sometimes a little extra help from a fat burning supplement or appetite suppressant may be just the ticket! Our website offers dozens of pages of information about supplements and ab machines to help you on your way to a healthy lifestyle—without the spare tire!

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