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Belly Melt Diet is a new diet book from the editors of Prevention Magazine. There have been several diet plans released from these invisible editors, so we imagine the actual authors have changed over the years as Prevention has changed editing staff. The Belly Melt Diet comes with three gifts. The three gifts are Pain-Free At Last, How to Lose 50 Pounds or More and 10 Years Younger Naturally.

The official website for the Belly Melt Diet is quite interesting. There are links to lose fat in your sleep, eat more of the things you want and still lose weight and more. These links are all associated with the Belly Melt Diet. While the official website is very well made, bright and full of information, the fact that the diet promises eight pounds of weight loss in three days simply means the body goes through a water-loss stage in the beginning of the diet. It is the weight loss that happens during the remaining weeks

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  • Diet by the editors of Prevention Magazine.

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The Belly Melt Diet is one of those diets you want to believe, but the claims are just too extraordinary. Prevention Magazine is a trusted publication, which leads us to believe there should be some science and research behind the diet as a whole, but according to the diet description the dieter can lose up to 19 pounds in 35 days. While we understand that the claim reads UP TO, we are still not sold on how Prevention Magazine can make such a claim at all.

We read through the website looking for some indication of some new development that makes this diet better than the others offered by Prevention Magazine, but we didn’t find anything spectacular. We found a bunch of recipes that mimic fast food and comfort food. There are recipes for hunger killing shakes as well.

The price of the Belly Melt Diet is about $30 for the hardcover. The book may be available from other retailers for less.

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  • Low-calorie, high-fiber recipes are available in the book.
  • May improve chances of weight loss.
  • Incorporates lots of healthy foods.


  • The book description makes some big claims that may be hard to live up to.


The Belly Melt Diet from Prevention Magazine is nothing more than a replacement diet, as far as we can tell. There are recipes for foods that people love to eat out. If you cook these at home instead of eating out, you cut the calories and sodium content. The first three days, however, probably consists of a detox of sorts.

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