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The Belly Off! Diet is an 8-week diet and exercise plan from the people at Men’s Health, designed to help you lose weight and take off your belly. The plan relies on the right combination of fat blasting foods and exercise to help you get a better looking midsection in just two months. Interested in trying this diet? Take a look at the program to see what we think to help you decide whether or not it is worth a shot.

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The Belly Off! Diet is a highly organized plan, which makes it easy to follow. Each day of the eight week plan, you are given everything you need from the recipes for your meal plan, to your grocery list, to your exercise plan. You get meals, snacks, options for dining out, cheat days, and exercises you should do. The exercises can be done at home or in the gym, so if you already go to the gym, great, but if not you do not have to invest in a membership. The plan can also be customized for men who do not like to cook, providing healthy convenient food options that do not require any cooking. The convenience food option may make the plan easier to stick to, but it will also make the diet plan more expensive to follow. All meals contain lean protein, some healthy fats, and complex carbohydrates, and the plan includes more than 70 recipes and meal options.

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  • The Belly Off! Diet was created by the trusted team at Men’s Health Magazine.
  • This plan is easily accessible via download to your computer.


  • The Belly Off! Diet is only targeted at men.
  • The idea of committing two months to a diet may turn some people away from it.
  • It is impossible to spot reduce, so you may lose weight all over, and as a result not see much off your stomach.
  • This plan is not vegetarian friendly.


The Belly Off! Diet is an easy, no nonsense way to lose weight, but you must be willing to follow it, or you won’t see results. It does a good job at addressing both nutrition and exercise, but the convenience foods are not necessarily as healthy for you as food cooked from scratch. Though the plan is targeted at men, it could be used by women with a few minor adjustments for caloric intake and nutritionally differences. To get the most of a program like this one, we recommend adding a clinically proven safe and effective appetite suppressant and/or fat burner to your daily routine. This will help you lose more weight than dieting and exercise alone.

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