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Bentonite clay, also referred to as Montmorillonite, is reported to be one of the most effective and successful healing clays used to treat both external and internal problems within the body. It has been used by various different civilizations and cultures over the years and this is due to its many believed healing and calming properties.

When ingested or taken internally, it has been reported that Bentonite clay can help to draw toxins out of the body and perhaps it is this reason why it has been believed to help in weight loss. However, it is not only used for this reason, it is also used to treat areas that are painful and infected in both animals and also humans.

Although not widely recognized as a weight loss supplement, it can be added to psyllium husk with water to form a bowel cleansing regime that has been reported to work as a weight loss method.

List of Ingredients

Bentonite clay on its own is just sedimentary clay made from volcanic ash. It can be combined with water and also psyllium husk to make a bowel cleansing regime that has been linked to weight loss.

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Bentonite clay is a natural remedy that has been reported to work with many ailments and conditions within the body. When mixed with other substances, it has been used in many cultures as a way to cleanse the bowel and colon which is reported to aid in weight loss. This has not yet been scientifically proven and various reviews around the Internet give conflicting results. There has been very little evidence to support the weight loss claims of this product so it may be a better idea to keep looking if an effective weight loss supplement or method is the exact thing that you are looking for.

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  • Products containing Bentonite clay may help rid your body of toxins.
  • Bentonite clay is all natural.


  • Third party reviews on Bentonite clay products seems to vary greatly.
  • Prices and return policies vary greatly from retailer to retailer. We found some products for under $10 while others were closer to $50.
  • Bentonite clay is a detoxifying product that may not directly effect long lasting weight loss.


Bentonite clay seems to have a rich history for being used in alternative medicines. Its use can be traced back for centuries and is primarily focused on detoxifying the body and as a natural laxative. If you are interested in alternative detoxifying products, you might find Bentonite clay interesting but for those looking to lose weight, we recommend finding a product with great thermogenic properties that also has great reviews.

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13 User Reviews about Bentonite Clay

  • 1

    I use Great Plains Bentonite Detox it is Great !


  • 2

    If i am on the pill and take clay and husk every morning does counter act the pill do i stand a chance of falling pregnant



    That would depend on if you take “the pill” less than 2 hours before or less than 2 hours after taking the Bentonite… It’s pH and absorptive power may negate your meds. I find taking bentonite worthwhile, yet it requires some scheduling to minimize problems with other meds and supplements. Concerning your meds – always ask a pharmacist or another licensed professional more than asking blindly on an internet blog, though I’m guessing alternative medicine may be a bit out of their league so you may have to educate yourself to ask them the right questions…


  • 3

    That Indian Green Calcium Bentonite Clay gave my face a reaction as well..but it is because they have additives in it. I used some sodium bentonite internally and it helped clean me out very well. I use it while I am on P90X and etc and have no problems. I take THYROID MEDS and use Bentonite and it is working great. I like eating it when it is dried up. (TMI)


  • 4

    I used this clay on ringworm and still have it 3 years later but after using the clay it spread like wildfire! Don’t use on ringworm.



    what brand of bentonite did you use, kwandrie?? I’ve experienced feeling ill after taking one particular brand of bentonite (out of three that I’ve tried). would be good to know if there’s a common issue with it..


  • 5

    I know bentonite clay works for a lot of people, but unfortunately it made my acne 10 times WORSE. I think i may be allergic to it :/ Now I have a face full of acne when I used to have only a few spots. Never again.



    Use freederm. Best thing in the world. Use to have bad acne and now my face is completely clear.



    Toxins are pushed out through your skin sometimes… and it may just get worse for a few days before it clears up… but look up Oil Pulling if you still have that issue. It’s helped me when I use it!



    Sometimes when you begin a detox program you will indeed experience an increase of symptoms (acne in your case) as the body begins to release toxins. This shows you it IS working. Understanding the Herx reaction, google this for more info, and die off, cleansing reactions is important information you should know before beginning any detox program. Supporting your detox process is important and so is giving your body plenty of healthy water to assist your body in eliminating the toxins out of your body. Patients is essential, it took years of accumulation of these toxins your body can only release so much at a time. Also make sure you are using the correct clay for your issue, research this extensively. Not all clays are created equal.


  • 6
    Paula Mickey

    Any danger if the dry powder splashes into the eye?


  • 7

    can you take the clay while on anti depressants



    I am on antidepressants and my MD rec. taking bentonite with psyllium