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Benzedrine is a form of amphetamine. The name is a trademark owned by the Glaxo-Smith Kline pharmaceutical company. GSK no longer manufacturers Benzedrine, but drugs with nearly identical chemical compositions are still available on the market. These drugs are not as commonly used now as Benzedrine used to be. The drug has several potential uses, and has been seen in inhalers as well as many diet and weight loss products.

List Of Ingredients

Benzedrine is an ingredient itself in many diet and weight loss products. It is a synthetic amphetamine.

Product Features

Benzedrine has been around since the 1800’s. Its first use as a bronchodilator to help people breath, through an inhaler. It quickly became one of the first synthetic drugs to become abused for recreational purposes. By 1949, doctors started prescribing it for appetite suppression, and this is why it was commonly used for weight loss supplements. The FDA moved for it to become available by prescription only in 1959 after reports of abuse surfaced regularly.

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  • The drug is an effective appetite suppressant.


  • The drug is no longer made under this name.
  • The drug ended up being one of the first to be abused for recreational purposes because of the euphoric “high” it produces due to the increase in the dopamine levels in the brain.
  • It has been a prescription drug in the United States since 1959.
  • This is a stimulant, so those who are sensitive to stimulants should avoid this and other drugs like it, because this is typically stronger than stimulants found in other weight loss supplements.
  • This drug is used for many purposes, not just appetite suppression.
  • There are many side effects to this drug.


Due to the fact that this drug is no longer made, and the risks associated with others on the market chemically identical, we do not recommend it, or another amphetamine based product. Amphetamines are not safe for the body in the sense that using too many stimulants can cause great harm to the body. The euphoric feeling created by the increased dopamine levels can also lead to an addiction of sorts, which may make it hard to stop the drug. We certainly do not advocate using a prescription drug without a legal prescription. Instead, we recommend you find a well known, trusted supplement that contains proven ingredients in optimal amounts to be effective. Take the supplement as directed, and for even better results, stick to an exercise routine and balanced diet.

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