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Beri Ultimate is a fat burner and detox supplement sold by Swiss Sciences. The supplement makes huge claims of weight loss, but does not bother to list the ingredients in the supplement. We searched several reliable sources and found the same product description copied over and over again. We assume there is a berry of some sort, likely with antioxidant properties, but that assumption is based on the product description, which reads more like a marketing push than a description.

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The official website for Beri Ultimate does a great job of selling the supplement but leaves out the most important aspect of the product – ingredients. The picture on the website looks like the blueberry, but a reference to an Amazon palm tree leads us to believe the berries are not blueberries. The Amazon palm tree produces the Acai berry. Acai berries are commonly touted as the ultimate weight loss ingredient with detoxing properties. Unfortunately, acai berries have no detox benefits and they will not boost metabolism.

The acai berry is an antioxidant. This means the berry helps the body naturally fight off free radicals. When oxygen is converted to water on a cellular level, free radicals (or extra bits and pieces left over) are formed. Some free radicals escape the cell wall and try to take over healthy cells to reproduce. Once a free radical takes over the healthy cell, it reproduces rapidly causing cellular death and negative health effects.

Dieting increases metabolism and free radical levels. Acai berry will help fight the higher levels of free radicals, but that is not the same thing as boosting metabolism. The claim of detoxing the body is also fruitless, pun intended. Detox ingredients increase urination and bowel movements to move toxins out of the body that is not an effect of the acai berry.

There is a chance other ingredients like natural laxatives and diuretics are included in the supplement, but without a label or list of ingredients we have no idea whether additional ingredients are included in Beri Ultimate.

The supplement is available from Swiss Sciences for $59.95 plus shipping and handling. After three auto-shipments, the dieter can send in a rebate form to receive one credit for $59.95.

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  • Acai berry is a strong antioxidant.
  • Online ordering supported.


  • No official list of ingredients.
  • Website sells the product but does not give detailed information on the supplement.


Beri Ultimate may contain acai berry, but we have no official ingredient list so that is an assumption we make from the product description. If the ingredient is acai berry, weight loss and detox claims are not supported with clinical research. 

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    margaret worsley

    I am suffering from a very uncomfortable feeling in my stomach which is keepiong awake at night. is this normal


  • 2

    This stuff doesnt work its a ripp off. And they give you the run around about sending an empty bottle to be recycled. They need to throw that Beri Ultimate and that Liposom in the garbage.