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Best Abs is a workout routine focused on building the muscles of the core area of the body. Created by ABSolution, the ab routine is offered in book form for people who want a “common sense” approach to gaining ab muscle and definition. The book retails online for just under $25.00 new. The book is written by Shawn Phillips and covers his 20 year journey to building the best abs in the easiest manner.

Product Features

The ABSolution process, otherwise known as BestAbs, consists of exercise routines, tracking worksheets, message boards, and fitness products aimed at providing additional support for the BestAbs program. The worksheets provide detailed tracking mechanisms for the biceps, back, legs, chest, shoulders, triceps, and the abs. A daily activity planner is also included. Other products offered with the BestAbs workout program include nutritional shakes, a Powerblock dumbbell set, a shoulder rack for weights, and a weight vest for additional resistance when performing weight lifting activities and abdominal exercises.

The message boards are said to be open to the public and a great source for the Best Abs follower but the link on the BestAbs website does not redirect to a message board. The exercises are available to the public on the main BestAbs website and are ranked according to their level of difficulty.

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  • The detailed exercise routines available for free.
  • Free workout sheets and tracking sheets.
  • Support from the author and body building magazines.


  • User must buy a book to follow the program.
  • Testimonials are dated in 2005.
  • No diet changes suggested with this program.
  • The program is not focused on weight loss but on abdominal building.


For the consumers seeking weight loss solutions the BestAbs program is not the best choice as the exercising the abdominal muscles burn few calories.

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