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Best Diet Tips is a website started by a woman named Carol that focuses on a variety of ways to drop excess body weight. This site is geared toward men and women, and offers low carb recipes, exercise tips, diet calculators, helpful links, before/after photos and diet comparisons. While the Best Diet Tips website doesn’t cost users any money, it does reveal how much other diet plans, programs and supplements cost. The founder of this website was 100 pounds overweight and discusses how she lost a significant amount of weight.

Some of the primary diet tips provided on the Best Diet Tips website are as follows; 1) plan to be on a diet as long as you live, 2) take it slow, 3) don’t get discouraged, 4) don’t eat after dinner, 5) write down what you eat, 6) get sweaty exercising, 7) only eat in the kitchen/ dining room, 8) drink a lot of water, 9) eat plenty of vegetables, 10) do not eat when stressed, 11) don’t eat refined sugars and carbs, 12) pay attention to your body and 13) always stay busy. Eight different “low carb” recipes are provided on the official website. A convenient glycemic index for numerous foods is also offered on the website. The primary diet plans that are compared on the official website are Slim Fast, the South Beach diet and Weight Watchers.

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Best Diet Tips is essentially a website that discusses weight loss ideas and diet plans. There is not really a focus on diet pills or supplements. This site offers advice such as low carb recipes, exercise tips, diet calculators, web links, before/after photos and diet plan comparisons. There is no cost for using the Best Diet Tips website and it appears to have been primarily established as a resource for dieters. There doesn’t appear to be actual clinical evidence presented on the website, nor are there any free trial samples of dietary supplement links. However, Best Diet Tips does offer 12 pointers for men and women who desire assistance with weight loss.

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  • The official Best Diet Tips website offers a number of free weight loss tools.
  • There is free diet advice offered on the Best Diet Tips website.
  • Before and after photos are provided on the official website.


  • There are no free trial samples of weight loss supplements offered on the official website.
  • No specific weight reduction program is encouraged.
  • There are no guarantees offered on the Best Diet Tips website.
  • No appetite suppressants are provided via the Best Diet Tips website.
  • Advice found on the website may be too involved and require too much effort for some individuals.


Overall, the Best Diet Tips website is like an advice center for dieters and those seeking assistance with weight loss. While there are no fat burning or appetite suppressants offered through the website, there is a great deal of advice on weight reduction. However, it clearly states on the bottom of the home page that Best Diet Tips was not created by a licensed physician. This website could provide some interesting reading for those beginning a new diet, but it would probably be a good idea to talk to an accredited doctor before making any dramatic lifestyle changes.

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    angelinaa dave

    hi. this is angelinaa dave and my age is 17 years old and my weight is 75 kg now so i wnat to reduce my wieht as cmuch as possible please give me some good and best diet tips i will be thankfull to you please ok.thanks