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The Best Fitness Walking Treadmill is an easy way to ensure you are getting a good cardio workout. Walking is a wonderful form of exercise because it can help burn fat and tone the body, without causing serious damage to the joints. The low impact exercise is something nearly everyone can do, and walking on a treadmill in your own home makes it easy. We will take a closer look at this treadmill to determine how well it will work to help you reach your diet and fitness goals.

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Product Features

The Best Fitness Walking Treadmill is designed specifically for walkers. It features full railings for walkers to hold onto and also serves for protection. The belt used on this treadmill has been designed with orthopedics in mind, so it is softer to walk on while still providing the same beneficial results of any other treadmill. You can move as slow as 1/10 a mile of per hour, or as fast as up to 5 miles per hour, with speed adjustments in 1/10 mile increments. There is a bright LED screen which makes the calories burned, heart rate, time walked, and distance walked. The buttons on the machine are larger than those typically seen on other machines, so they are easier to operate. The price for the machine varies based on the merchant you purchase it from, but from what we have seen, ranges anywhere between $850 to $1,135. We recommend making use of the multiple websites that carry this product, so you can learn more and make the best shopping decision for your budget.

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  • This treadmill is designed specifically for those who enjoy walking vs. running.
  • Exercise is a vital part of health and weight loss.


  • The money back guarantee policy for this machine may vary based on the merchant you purchase it from.
  • This machine is pricey for most people.
  • If you do not have room in your home to comfortably use a machine like this, you will have to look for something smaller or more portable.
  • This does not address diet, which is also an important factor in weight loss.


While we certainly recommend walking as a form of exercise to help you with your weight loss efforts, and this machine has various features worth enjoying, we believe this machine is very pricey. You can walk around your neighbor, or on a rainy or cold day walk laps around your local mall and get much of the same benefit. Using a pedometer will help you track how much you’ve walked, and these can be found for much less than the Best Fitness Walking Treadmill. If you’re trying to lose weight, we also recommend using a proven weight loss supplement with a balanced diet to increase your efforts and improve your results.

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