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The Best Life Diet is a lifetime diet plan created by Bob Greene. Bob Greene is an author and fitness trainer who has worked with Oprah Winfrey in her own struggles with health and weight loss. His first book was coauthored by Oprah Winfrey, and he is a regular contributor in her magazine and her show. The Best Life Diet is said to be based on a well-balanced and satisfying foods that are easy to find and prepare. It is said that a consumer can still love food and eating while reaching their weight loss goals on this plan.


Not applicable. The Best Life Diet is available online and in print.

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The Best Life Diet is not a quick weight loss diet, but a healthy lifestyle diet. The diet is divided into 3 phases. The first phase is a minimum of four weeks. This phase is based on increasing physical activity, and establishing healthy meal patterns. It includes 3 meals a day, and one snack. After four weeks, the consumer weighs in, and only moves on to the next phase if they have lost at least one pound per week. The second phase is also for a minimum of four weeks. This phase’s goals are significant and consistent weight loss through diet changes and hunger control. This requires inner examination of reasons for hunger and emotional eating. The focus is on portion control and eliminating empty or problem foods. The consumer may increase physical activity as well. The consumer stays on this phase at least 4 weeks or until the consumer is within 20 pounds of their goal weight. The last phase is considered the lifetime lifestyle. This phase’s goal is to improve the quality of diet and health maintenance. This includes weighing in only once per week or less, continuing to add healthy foods, and making wholesome choices. More physical activity may be added.

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  • The Best Life Diet is a long term, lifestyle diet.
  • The Best Life Diet is available online and in print.


  • The Best Life Diet is not a quick weight loss plan.
  • The Best Life Diet tracking tool requires a monthly paid subscription.


The Best Life Diet is a plan for healthy life, weight and well-being. It is not a plan for quick weight loss. This plan recommends about a 1 pound or more weight loss per week. The phase approach eases the consumer into the lifestyle changes, which may be easier for consumers to stick with. The Best Life Diet plan teaches consumers about portion control, healthy food choices, and physical activity as a lifestyle. Information found about this plan does not specify the types of supplements recommended.

The Best Life Diet does not specify the use of a weight loss supplement. A weight loss supplement along with healthy diet and exercise may offer the best results. This supplement should contain a fat burner and appetite suppressant. The supplement should have a dedicated website with customer testimonials and clinical trials showing the effectiveness of the product.

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