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The Best Life Get Fit Holiday Challenge is a fitness challenge focused on helping people avoid the typical weight gain associated with the holidays. This fitness routine could easily be done year-round to help lose or maintain weight. We will take a closer look at what it entails to help you determine whether or not it is a viable solution for you.

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The Best Life Get Fit Holiday Challenge is a 30 day challenge which encourages people to add six habits to their daily lives for the month to show them a difference in how they look and feel after following it. There is a website for you to track your progress on, with a challenge to beat yourself each week. For example, if you worked out 30 minutes a day this week, try to work out longer next week, and even longer the next week. All the exercises are simple and can be done from anywhere, anytime, without any special equipment. You can do them all together to get a full body workout, or you can spread the activities throughout your day if it works better for you. The point is, do it. Walk for at least 20 minutes, exerting yourself at a level 7, where 10 is exhaustion. Keep an even pace and monitor your distance, pushing yourself to walk a little faster to get further every week. Do as many push-ups as you can with proper form, and try to aim for more each week. Do as many squats as you can do in 60 seconds while maintaining proper form. Count, and aim for a higher number each week. Stand on one leg (for both legs) and time how long you can stand without holding onto anything. Aim longer each week. Do as many crunches in proper form as you can within two minutes. With your back against the wall, straddle your legs as far as you comfortably can, mark it with tape and measure that distance with measuring tape.

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  • The challenge is available for free, including tracking tools.
  • No special equipment is needed to participate in the challenge.


  • This is more suited toward people who are already working on getting in shape, rather than beginners who are trying to find a way to get started.
  • This plan is focused solely on fitness, and does not involve eating.
  • This plan is not focused around weight loss.


The Best Life Get Fit Holiday Challenge is a good way to vary your routine if you are getting bored of what you are already doing. It is not ideal for beginners who want to start working out to get in better shape. As there is no eating advice and this plan is not focused on weight loss, we recommend you look toward other exercise or use this in conjunction with a reduced calorie diet and a proven weight loss supplement for best results.

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