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Beta Blast is one of those supplements that requires a scientific degree to understand how it works in the body. We found several explanations and though these explanations are detailed and prove how beta alanine can benefit the athlete, they are hard to understand. Beta Blast provides 2000 mg of beta alanine. The dieters consumes precursors to beta alanine from protein sources like chicken, beef and fish, so there is no need for supplementation when losing weight. Athletes and bodybuilders may need more beta alanine, but proof of this is not clearly defined in the information we found on Beta Blast.

List of Ingredients

Beta Alanine.

Product Features

The product description for Beta Blast explains that taking beta alanine supplements promotes carnosine production. When carnosine production is high, it acts like a pH buffer. With pH even, muscles can grow faster and optimum strength can be achieved over a longer period of time. What does that mean for the athlete and bodybuilder? More strength and longer workouts could lead to massive muscle gains, but though clinical research is referenced we did not find one link supporting any of the information provided.

Sometimes, manufacturers and resellers will create this long, drawn out, professional sounding description to lure in novice dieters, athletes and bodybuilders. This seems to be the case with Beta Blast. We are certain beta alanine has a function in the body, but we are not certain supplementing beta alanine via Beta Blast impacts muscle development as much as the author would like the bodybuilder to believe.

Looking through information on beta alanine, we found no positive benefits for the dieter. Dieters need metabolism boosters and appetite suppressants to lose weight. Good sleep, good mood and good exercise habits are also important and beta alanine does not deliver in any of these areas.

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  • Ingredients in Beta Blast are listed online.
  • May improve muscle performance.
  • May increase strength and workout longevity.


  • Beta Blast will not promote weight loss.
  • The supplement contains one naturally-occurring ingredient.
  • The body gets beta alanine from protein sources.
  • Information is not backed up with outside clinical sources.


There are times when the dieter and athlete need to read between the lines. Beta alanine is a non-essential amino acid. Beta Blast provides more beta alanine than the body gets from natural sources, but the effect of massive supplementation may not be all the author wants the dieter to believe. If we were given some outside clinical research supporting these claims, we may give the supplement a thumbs up, but writing a long description with scientific words does not mean the information is true.

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