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Beta Carotene is a carotenoid that gives color to various fruits and vegetables. It is a rich source of Vitamin A. Beta Carotene may be used in the treatment of certain types of cancer, AIDS, depression, and headache – among many other health conditions. During pregnancy and immediately after giving birth, women who are malnourished or suffering from severe diarrhea may be given Beta Carotene. Among the thousands of uses for Beta Carotene, it is the antioxidant abilities that may be helpful for dieters.

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Carotenoid Beta Carotene.

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When beta carotene is consumed, it is transformed into Vitamin A. Vitamin A is an antioxidant. Antioxidants help maintain cell health when attacked by free radicals. Free radicals are created in the body during metabolism. The body can handle normal amounts of free radicals as long as a healthy source of antioxidants is consumed. During weight loss, however, metabolism increases which could lead to the production of more free radicals. Exercise and weight lifting can also cause an increase in free radicals. Additional antioxidants are needed to combat these free radicals.

Dieters may wonder why free radicals are bad. Free radicals take over a cell and reproduce quickly. With each split, new free radicals go in search of a healthy cell to take over and the process continues. Imagine the effect on the body if antioxidants did not prevent massive growth of free radicals. Eventually all healthy cells would be gone and that would lead to death.

It is not okay to take massive amounts of beta carotene just to increase the healthy benefits. Too much beta carotene can lead to a discoloring of the skin, possible increased risk of certain forms of cancer and death. These findings are relatively new and may be associated with the popularity of antioxidants in multivitamins, diet pills, bodybuilding supplements and foods – combined.

Taking beta carotene as a lone supplement has no known contraindications with prescription medications, but when taken with the supplements selenium, Vitamin E and Vitamin C there could be a negative side effect associated with Statins (cholesterol lowering medications).

Beta Carotene is relatively inexpensive; costing no more than $5 per bottle. It is commonly used in multivitamins so check the label before taking a beta carotene supplements.

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  • Beta carotene converts to Vitamin A.
  • Works as an antioxidant.
  • Is relatively inexpensive.


  • Will not increase fat burn.
  • May cause skin to turn yellow or orange if too much is consumed.


Aside from the antioxidant benefits, beta carotene does nothing for the dieter. Due to the fact that beta carotene is often included in both multivitamins and diet supplements, it may be appropriate for the dieter to note how much beta carotene is in each. There is an upper limit associated with Vitamin A of 15 milligrams (25,000 IUs).

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    Janet Smith

    I take the Supplement called Reliv which has been a company in existance now for 20+ years and they have had good results. I take up to 5 scoops a day of there Classic formula and it has beta carotene in it. I also have thyroid Cancer that went into the bone of my eye. should I be taking this much? What is your opinion on this product and the amount I am taking.