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Diet products that fail to deliver positive results still seem to find their way onto grocery store and drug store shelves. Fortunately Beta Slim is no longer one of these products. As of this writing, it appears that Beta Slim is no longer for sale. According to third party websites, Beta Slim is a product which is said to be able to stop fat absorption and to assist dieters in losing weight with hardly any effort. The product promises that users will not have to change their eating habits nor do they have to exercise and that just taking the pills will make you thinner. Of course, for any product to make these types of claims it better be well supported with proven research.


Through extensive online research, we found that Beta Slim contains an ingredient called Chitosan. Chitosan is said to be a natural form of fiber that is taken from crustaceans’ shells. Some studies say that Chitosan can aid in the reduction of the levels cholesterol, there is no scientific backing to prove that Chitosan is able to reduce the absorption of fat in the body or that it blocks fat in any way. The makers of Beta-Slim should go a step further and provide a complete list of product ingredients as well as clinical research to support claims about the product.

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We were unable to find an official product website or manufacturer’s website for the Beta Slim product. We only know that Beta Slim contains Chitosan, a natural form of fiber made from crustacean shells.

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  • Chitosan, which is an ingredient in Beta Slim, is considered to be a natural form of fiber.


  • Beta Slim made claims that could not be substantiated, and the result was that the Federal Trade Commission removed it from the market place.
  • Beta Slim does not contain a fat burner or fat blocker in its ingredients.
  • This product does not promote thermogenesis when taken as a dietary supplement.


In the competitive market of diet plans and supplements, it is essential that a product have the scientific evidence to back up its claims. Additionally, many dieters just do not want to put forth the time and effort that it takes to lose weight safely and effectively. In most cases, however, the claims of diet product companies are nothing more than a lot of hot air. Consumers continue to be victimized by companies like the manufacturers of Beta Slim. They are more than ready to take advantage of those willing to take desperate measures to lose weight. We are thankful when the Federal Trade Commission steps in and removes such products and the companies that manufacturer them from the market. Fortunately, it appears that Beta Slim has been taken off of the market so that dieters do not get duped into purchasing it. A proven effective weight loss plan includes a sensible eating plan along with a regular routine of moderate exercise, then you will be certain to have success.

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    a k azad

    I want to buy a product of your . so can you please give me the address or phone number to call and order . I’m living Dhaka Bangladesh now


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    Percidiam Mabaso

    I’m currenlty using the product and it seem as if it’s still cheating south africans. What should I do? Can I report them to authorities?