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BetaFuel is a fat burner supplement that has been discontinued by the manufacturer. The product is Ephedra based. Some products that used Ephedra reformulated their supplements to include legal ingredients after Ephedra was banned but BetaFuel chose to stop production. Ephedra is not considered safe for use as a fat burner though it is still sold over the counter for other health issues.

List of Ingredients

Ma Huang Extract, Bitter Orange Extract, Salicylate, Caffeine, Green Tea Extract, Cayenne, Bladderwrack, Ginger Root, Mustard Seed.

Product Features

BetaFuel offered a classic and strong ECA stack. ECA stands for Ephedra, Caffeine and Aspirin. The stack was used by people trying to shed pounds and bodybuilders wishing to lean out before a competition. Ephedra was the fat burner, caffeine kept Ephedra working in the body longer and aspirin thinned the blood so the supplement passed through the blood stream faster. Aspirin was often included in the form of white willow bark.

The first ingredient is Ephedra. If Ephedra was not linked to health problems like hypertension and death, it was one of the few natural fat burners proven to work wonders for weight loss.

Bitter Orange extract or synephrine is a stimulant cousin to Ephedra. This ingredient commonly replaced Ephedra in supplements as the primary stimulant when Ephedra was banned.

Salicylate is white willow bark – the aspirin portion of the ECA stack. White willow bark can help relieve pain and thin the blood.

Caffeine is still used today as a stimulant. Dieters include stimulants in various when trying to lose weight. Coffee, soft drinks and chocolate all contain caffeine, but weight loss supplements tend to have a lot more than these source. BetaFuel, for instance, could have 200 mg or more. We don’t know the exact amount because BetaFuel never released that information.

Green Tea Extract is also commonly used today for weight loss and for good reason. Clinical studies support the claims that green tea extract increases metabolism and may increase fat burn.

Bladderwrack is a diuretic. Stimulants have natural diuretic properties so including a dedicated diuretic ingredient could be a bit dangerous. Dehydration paired with stimulation can lead to cramping of the muscles; including the heart muscle.

BetaFuel is no longer available for sale, but when it was it sold for $49.95 per bottle.

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  • Several proven ingredients like green tea and caffeine.


  • Too many stimulants included in one product.
  • Ephedra is illegal for use in fat burners.
  • Synephrine can cause some of the same side effects as Ephedra.


BetaFuel was likely very popular when Ephedra supplements were legal, but that time has come and gone. Today, products like BetaFuel simply leave out the Ma Huang and sell the product under the same name or as a “new” version of the product.

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2 User Reviews about BetaFuel

  • 1
    Earnestine Henderson

    I don’t know which one of the other ones that contains effedra will work.? please bring it bac.


  • 2
    Earnestine Henderson

    I am very sad and disapointed that BetaFuel has been discontinued. I have used it in the past and was the best diet supplement that I have ever use. I really miss it and hope someday they will bring it back. Let us decide wheather or not we want to use it. Is should be our choice. I will give it 10 stars and even more. Please try and bring it back..I don’t know which of the other products will work for me. But, I know that BetaFuel works excellent for me. I really need it. It is the best!!!!!!