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Betahistine is a drug that is used to treat Méniére’s disease. Betahistine hydrochloride refers to the generic name for the anti vertigo drug called SERC. It was registered to treat the disease in 1970 in parts of Europe. It is commonly prescribed for people with balance disorders and or also to ease the symptoms of vertigo that are associated with the Méniére’s disease. People with certain ailments like adrenal gland tumors or peptic ulcers should not use this product as it may have adverse effects on them. In addition, people who suffer from bronchial asthma are monitored closely, if they are using this drug. There is an online manufacturer by the name of 77 Canadian Pharmacy, which is an online pharmacy and this delivers the drug to the client through their liaison throughout the US and Canada.


This drug is available in one of 24 mg, 16mg and or 8mg tablets. This product is chemically manufactured and contains substances like 2-[2-(methylamino) ethyl] pyridine, which is prepared as the dihydrochrolide salt. It resembles the structures of histamine and phenethylamine.

Product Features

This drug could be crushed as it dissolves easily in water when it is in powder form. It is an oral drug, which is completely and rapidly absorbed. The binding of plasma protein is very low and the average plasma half life is around three to four hours. Excretion is complete in urine in between 24 hours and this drug can be transformed into hydroxythylpyridine and aminoethylpyridine and it is then excreted with urine as a pyridylacetic acid. Prescription should be as a doctor specifies and in case of a missed dosage, take the pill as soon as one realizes that he or she had missed. If it is too close to the next intake, ignore the missed dose.

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  • Reduces vertigo episodes that are associated with Meniere’s disease
  • Enhances significant levels of balance in those affected with this disease


  • Has low level gastric effects on users
  • There are no significant antidopaminergic effects when the product is used
  • There might be significant nausea
  • Headaches and chest tightness is also present
  • Worsening asthma for those that suffer from asthma.


This drug is used to treat a certain ailments and as it is visible, it is not recommended to those that suffer other serious ailments because it could affect them negatively. There are certain side effects that the patient already experiences like nausea and vomiting as this is are common vertigo symptoms. Betahistine is also known to somehow seem to expand blood vessels in between the middle ear that relieves strain from excess fluids and it acts even on the muscle.

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