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What You Should Know

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BetaNOX is available in liquid “shots” and powder form. The bodybuilding supplement is supposed to fight off the effects of lactic acid to increase the number of repetitions a bodybuilder can complete while lifting. Lactic acid can cause pain and stiffness in muscles. If that lactic acid burn is muted just a bit, the user can push out a few more repetitions leading to increased lean muscle mass.

List of Ingredients

BetaNOX Drink: ARGISOL (Micro Enhanced Arginine Alpha Ketogluterate), BETASOL (Micro Enhanced Beta-Alanine), Methylxanthine, CITRUSOL (Micro Enhanced Citrulline Alpha Ketogluterate, TYROSOL (Micro Enhanced Tyrosine Alpha Ketogluterate), HISTOSOL (Micro Enhanced Histidine Alpha Ketogluterate), Trimethylglycine, Vinpocetine.

BetaNOX Powder: BetaNox Proprietary Blend: (Patent Pending Nano Diffusion Multi Layer Matrix)MULTIDEX [2,5-Bis(Hydroxymethyl)oxolane-2,3,4-Triol], ARGISOL (Micro Enhanced [L Arginine Alpha Ketogluterate, L Arginine Ethyl Ester, L Arginine Malate, L Arginine Pyroglutamate]), BETASOL (Micro Enhanced [Beta Alanine]), Methylxanthine, CITRUSOL (Micro Enhanced Citrulline Alpha Ketogluterate, PHOSPOSORB (D-Potassium Phosphate And Di-Sodium Phosphate), TYROSOL (Micro Enhanced Tyrosine Alpha Ketogluterate), HISTOSOL (Micro Enhanced Histidine Alpha Ketogluterate), Taurine, Trimethylglycine, Vinpocetine.

Product Features

MultiDex includes just one ingredient, 2,5-Bis(Hydroxymethyl)oxolane-2,3,4-Triol. When we looked up this ingredient we were surprised to find it was just fructose or fruit sugar. No effect on nitric oxides levels or lactic acid.

Argisol is created from different forms of Arginine. There is some evidence that Arginine may increase nitric oxide levels after ingestion and thus it is commonly included in all nitric oxide supplements.

Betasol is just beta-alanine and Methylxanthine (caffeine). Beta-alanine is another expected ingredient that shows promise reducing muscle fatigue during exercise. Caffeine is a stimulant and fat burner.

Citrusol contains Citrulline which converts to Arginine in the body. As we already stated, Arginine may boost nitric oxide levels.

Phosposorb is basically a couple of electrolytes. Replacing electrolytes when working out is important as sweating causes a dip in sodium and potassium – two of the most important electrolytes. Workout drinks like Gatorade often include these same ingredients.

Tyrosol contains L-tyrosine which is related to phenylalanine. We know phenylalanine as a mood altering ingredient and those effects are passed on to L-tyrosine.

BetaNOX powder sells for $29.99 and 12 drink shots sell for around $40.

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  • Some of the ingredients may help increase workout intensity.
  • Electrolytes are important during bodybuilding.
  • Caffeine is a fat burner.


  • Will not cause weight loss.


Bodybuilders tend to give BetaNOX good reviews. The supplement does not list how much caffeine included, but one review stated the stimulant effect lasted more than eight hours. While we understand while all the ingredients were included, we do not support using BetaFuel for weight loss. This supplement was not created for the dieter, rather the bodybuilder wanting more muscle and less pain. We did not find a connection between the ingredients and lactic acid production, however.

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